The stupid things rich women do to make a man love her

March 11, 2013

The uber rich believe resolutely that everything is for sale in this world. Generally, I believe that to be true as well. Then again I don’t believe that “truism” holds in every case. There will always be exceptions – Lily has given me a very expensive car as a gift. She actually believes that this will make me love her more. I can see it in the way she carries herself.

All that, this stupid act has done is to compel me to consider the theoretical possibility that Lily and me will always be like two very different islands separated by the infinity of time and space – we have nothing in common whatsoever.

As I looked on at the car impassively. I could see her pleading yearning look in her eyes – “love me.” – “love me please..can’t you see I’ve given you a car…now love me back!”  All I could manage to do was to radiate a mix of disinterest and disgust. You all have no possible idea how I can play with a woman’s emotion – to even toy with it in the way a cat plays with a mouse, to even deny her my love and to watch on coldly as she slowly shrivels up and dies tiny slices of death before me.

When the salesman told me that Lily was particularly fond of the cup holders – I simply told him – that is the foolish ways of a woman. Lily could tell that I was not happy – she walked away briskly with tears in her eyes. Before she did so, she called me a cruel and heartless man. I reckon she could well be right on this occasion. I am cruel. I am heartless.

I wonder to myself whether she knows that I much prefer to buy a car with my own money. No. I don’t suppose Lily and her uber rich type will ever know that or even why…never…never ever.

Women like her seem to only want to see the world through their rose tinted glasses. She even elides the fact that I am a married man. As if it’s some how possible for her to alter the finality of my marital status – by just ignoring it. And now this.

I feel sorry for Lily. As all she has managed to do despite her best efforts is to fashion an abusive relationship.

Darkness 2013

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