Lily & The Simple Life

March 16, 2013

I know only one method to refrain from the possibility of leading a destructive, careless and selfish life.

In this regard, I am always mindful of how the good life – la dolce vita – the pleasurable sort can so often unravel a man’s character. You could even say my resolute rejection of all luxuries remains my only amulet against this solvent. In truth, I’ve always harbored a morbid fear of ending up one day living a life of dissipation.

At my present age and station in life. It seems to me my only motivation is to continue leading a simple life free from all lofty pretensions and affectations that so often warps many who suddenly come to money.

This may seem easy, but it is not. I assure you. The good life has a way of creeping up on one like a thief in the night. As now I am no longer constrained by the limits imposed by a salaried existence – where it’s not so different from filling a pot with a hole. These days you can even say, I am a man of means – perhaps not one who has as much latitude as a heiress like Lily. But nonetheless I feel relatively free.

Today during breakfast with Lily before leaving for the field – I shared with her my philosophy about – I looked her squarely in the eyes and told her my only wish is never to disappoint whoever is foolish enough to love me, or to leave them scarred.

I apologized for my bad behavior and went on to tell her that I am an alpha male – and though this may come across as petulant, the very idea of a woman giving me expensive gifts simply rubs me the wrong way. I went on to tell her, the fault resides in me and not her.

Lily smiled, shed a tear of happiness and promised me that she would never ever give me any more expensive presents again. I believe when she looked at me just then – she finally understood why I’ve behaved so badly these few days.

Darkness 2013


“You may wear a very expensive watch, drive even a very big car and tell everyone that you know this or that mover and shaker – but in a plantation setting all these things really count for nought. As what remains vital and important to those who turn the wheel of life in a plantation setting is simply this – when the elders are vexed, do they come to you? If the small holder finds it difficult or impossible to gainfully turn the wheel of life, do they come to you? When the specter of famine, pestilence and the evil eye knocks on the door of the community – will the community come to you and say, lead us farmer?

To me this the litmus test of what is means to be a true bull shit free leader – no hype and spin – no mind bending propaganda – just plain and simple living and call a spade a spade talking. That is really all there is to it.”

Darkness 2013

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