The Way of the Farmer – Managing unrequited love from the young, stupid and dreamy

March 19, 2013

Today I received a call from a distressed restaraunter – it seems he’s having problems with a kitchen hand who seems to spend hours sieving through rice grains to make the perfect bowl of rice for only me whenever I dine there – this came as a great surprise to me as I dine there quite often and it never occured to me that anyone would go to such lenghts to spice up my meal.

But when I reflect back – there is a kitchen hand who seems to always serve me. And even watch me whenever I wolf down the apparently perfectly and heavenly bowl of rice – her name is Jia Jia – a kitchen hand –  according to the proprietor, the girl is love struck – she should remain always in the kitchen, but for some reason when the farmer dines there – she will serve him personally and even watch by as this man eats.

I merely told the distressed restaraunter – I understand and went on to add, please let me try to set things straight.

That evening, when Jia Jia served me another perfect bowl of rice – I asked her what is the painting that hangs on the wall?

She replied, it was lotus flowers on a pond – I went on to recount to her that there is an order, symmetry and structure to everything in this world and that when the lotus flower blooms then the bees will come – and after that the birds would feed on the bees and so on and so forth – life is a series of seasons – this I shared with Jia Jia was the way of the world – I went on to tell her that the perfect bowl of rice that she served me was simply against the natural order of things – as the man who rightly deserves this is the husband who will one day share the privilege of turning the wheel of life with her – I told her that I cannot eat this perfect bowl of rice. As I can never be that man.

I think Jia Jia understood what I was trying to convey to her. She will cry her eyes out in the kitchen – but I also believe it is best to be clear and concise about such things – my only regret from now onwards – I will never be able to enjoy a perfect bowl of rice any longer.

Darkness 2013




I have left out the main body of the conversation between me and this silly girl – as I believe certain should be kept private.

“I like my women to be correct with me – whether they are tall, educated, polished, beautiful or sexy is not an issue, but they have to know how to regard me correctly – that to me is very important – they simply need to know their place. And if they are confused then I will just tell them the facts of life – and that will be the end of the sum of all their fantasies.

I think that is one reason why I miss Dotty so much – as she was the most correct woman I have ever had the privilege to know – it was not only pleasurable to be with her, but it would not be wrong to say that such a woman can really bring out the best in a man. I cannot tell you how edifying that is to a man – to be reminded constantly of his role and how the classical chinese gentlemen should always treat a woman who is younger than him. Words cannot explain how much I miss Dotty.

My feel is every woman should set aside some quiet time everyday and reflect deeply on the art of shaping the type of man that she desires (instead of wasting their time listening to con men like Kong eye or Joe Prince Singh)- too often, I feel the general outlook of women is flawed – as they will often say, I have to LOOK for Mr Right. But from my experience, Mr Right needs to shaped like wet clay by the female hand – in certain cases even dragged out forcefully by a strong willed woman. As to be perfectly honest there are really so many men in a man. You have no possible idea how confused we all are….that is why it is not unusual from time to time to hear of cases of older men fucking kids – that to me is wrong in so many ways.” 

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