The Way of the Farmer – The problems of the small man is ALWAYS very big to the farmer

March 22, 2013

fwerfefIf the small man cannot gainfully turn the wheel of life to even put food on table for his family – then everything will unravel. The natural order that holds the center together will simply collapse and give way like a house of cards.

Recently, a gang of night marauders have been raiding the cash crops of many of the small holders.

Just yesterday, a Malay couple came to me. The wife streamed with tears as she recounted the sad story of how their harvest in their small banana field had been stripped by thieves. The day before a group of Chinese pineapple farmers recounted the same story. And the week before an Indian goat herder mentioned how theives had just stole three of his prized goats in the night.

I do not blame the police. As the area to be covered is so big. They simply do not have either the resources or man power. 

But I know that something has to be done – something……as at times to keep the wheel of life spinning smoothly….certain things like dirt need to be cleaned up…

Darkness 2013

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