Hotel Business

March 27, 2013

I just want to diversify a bit from my core business which is plantations. I am not even talking about a big expansion. Just something to wet my beak. Even then it seems many established hoteliers have begun to put up road blocks in front of me – I ask for so little. Even that they are not prepared to give. That leaves me very little choice. Now I will simply have to take!

Darkness 2013


“I need to be loved constantly. If there is even one moment when I feel that I am either not in love or part of this wonderful thing any longer – then from my many of years of experience, it can get very dangerous – that’s to say, if you really want to bring out the worst in me, then put up road blocks before me – put up barb wire even – and if possible try to put up even a machine gun post – but I’ll still storm it. I think that has to be part of the thrill factor of business – there is something definitely very disturbing about all this…as it is really so primal.”

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