The Family man’s role in shaping the thinking man in the Singaporean child

March 28, 2013


Today, my son phoned me asking frantically: why mummy had placed a large manila card written with the words, PROPAGANDA beside the Strait Times.

I told my son sternly over the phone…..this is father’s wish…as there were certain things that a boy needs to do for himself BEFORE he has a right passage to manhood…my curious son did not understand….but I have absolutely no doubt, the seed of awakening has already been planted.

Now it can only grow within his mind.

Governments can do anything they like, but it’s up to the family man to give it the thumbs up or throw a spanner in the works.

Either way, I have very little doubt – the sleeper will awake!

Darkness 2013


“The ultimate role of every family man is to make sure that he lives his life as closely as possible to the truth – and if the merchant of lies come near his family – he has every right to demolish them with the power of the truth. And that will be the end of that. They will just have to pack up like a travelling circus and leave town…that is the way I have always seen it. 

Please have no doubt of my power to influence…have absolutely no doubt whatsoever! As to wage technical war in this area proficiently – I think its never a good idea to underestimate your enemy. Never! I will fight you….and we will win! As to the best of my knowledge no one has ever been able to out run the truth – so you are not fighting with me…No! What you’re doing is waging war with the entire history of humanity…good luck to you…you will need it!”

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