What really makes a family man in Sg?

March 30, 2013

If there is only one reason why I consider it the duty of every family man to start a family. It is simply because your awakening as a real father, husband and mentor does not really begin UNTIL you decide to make a commitment to have children.

Darkness 2013


“Gentlemen, I am not here to tell you how to live your life. As for starters I know that your life has hardly even begun – you’re just warming up like the way you stretch before yoga. A run. Just marking time.

That’s really all you’re doing. But once you seed life and you bring a child into the world – that’s when your life really starts. That’s when it hits you really hard that maybe you should have studied harder in school and played less – listened more instead of talking all the time.

You will begin to reflect on the meaning of life. The real McCoy not the Kong Yee or Joseph Singh claptrap – but the real questions that will dog every thinking man at some point in his life.

It is a process of awakening – it is also a long journey of hits and misses, deep introspection and what I can only describe as deep living. Yes, there is such a thing as deep, shallow and even wafer thin inconsequential living – and within this category of living. There might also exist sub categories of living – a life of dissipation – a sweet life.

But since you only live once, past through here only this one time – why live the shallow life? Why opt for the Scady Cat cover my ass all the time life? Why not just live life the way it was supposed to be lived? Fully and completely – to turn that great wheel of life full circle.

Without fear. Full of hope. A better tomorrow.

All these things. You will only be able to do when you make a commitment to bring a new life into this world. As what you have done is to begin writing the first chapter of your life as a family man.”

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