Can the two anonymous ministers please step forward to clear up the mess they created?

April 25, 2013

Today Jeremy Au from our beloved daily rag came out with guns blazing trying to get mileage from the word, “partisanship.” Presumably his editors have asked him to put a favourable spin to this sordid affair.

But how do we know that Nizam didn’t imagine it all? To me this is very odd – as what we have here is a national broadsheet wordsmithing about an occurrence that may not have occurred – I remembered the Tsar of hype and spin, Cheong Yip Seng once mentioning that journalist in ST are the most reliable purveyors of the truth and nothing but the truth – so isn’t it odd that the whole nation should now be speculating about what actually transpired, when the identities of these ministers is still very much a mystery.

I wonder how much sense does this make?

Maybe this is just peculiar to me. But if I were a journalist. I would first establish the identities of these two mysterious ministers BEFORE even deciding to write anything on this subject – but in this case, I am somewhat perplex as to how ST expects us to connect the dots. Are we all supposed to use our ESP skills to read the mind of Mr Nizam? Could it be 9 out of 10 Singaporeans are descendants of Nostradamus?

I don’t understand. As how is it possible for a journalist to even begin writing let alone speculate and postulate on an event – if no one is even sure (including Jeremy Au) who the parties actually are in this whole fracas.

I wonder……

Mr Nizam are you crying wolf? Or maybe you’re just telling it the way it happened?

Now you understand why it is so important to determine the identities of these two mysterious ministers – I wonder can they do us all the courtesy and come forward into the open to help us all clear up this mess.

Or maybe you are lying Mr Nizam? Maybe this didn’t happen at all. Maybe it was all a big nightmare?

Darkness 2013



“Actually, I am very busy now. As we have all been mobilized to fight a very virulent form of oil palm disease – the guilds have flown in from as far as Munich, Bueno Aries, Myammar and Indonesia – to combine our heads to find a way to beat this menace.

But I will say this. (interruption) Could we talk as we walk to the field camp. Perhaps you can join us for lunch. After all many of these chaps are famish. It would be a good opportunity for you to met my weird friends…

I will be perfectly frank with you – let us begin from the beginning: why do I find this whole incident very disturbing? As when we moot the whole idea of trying to create a better society – then we should really develop zero tolerance for leaders who say one thing and do the direct opposite – and if we are bovine and just let it past – these people will just keep going through the motions. That is to say, they will embody the form and never the content – as they know they can get away with it.

Given time, what you’re going to end up with is a collective state of cognitive dissonance – now this is a big word. But what it basically means is what you make out of your world view differs so dramatically from what it so often represented in the media – and why is that a problem?

Well if you really want to know, eight ball Tharman recently gave a two hour comatose inducing speech about the whole idea of being dominant without dominating – now if you juxtapose this latest development concerning Mr Nizam and these two invisible ministers into this narrative what do you get?

Exactly, a state of confusion – a very uncomfortable state where it could be said, most intelligent people will simply say the government is not walking the talk – they may very well embody the form, but they’re still woefully short on the content – and what you really need to ask yourself is this.

Do you want a society where the custodians of power go around like mafia Dons – where they can just pick up the phone and make threats to get their way? Now if you want to do that, then I say, put a big sign in Changi Airport and the Causeway that says, Welcome to banana republic and pay your ministers $900 bucks a month and while you are it, throw them a couple of Menglembu groundnuts – coming to think of it, you don’t even need ministers to do this type of pariah dog job. You could just as well save yourself the trouble and ask me for a list of kampung gangsters and I am sure I can get the local police to round them up and send them over to Singapore to help mini Lee run his cabinet providing he can supply me a couple of sacks of peanuts – now tell me, do you want Singapore to end up like a banana republic. Or do you want it to be a place where the rule of law is king? Where things are done in an above board, on level and square manner!

The decision is all yours my friend – only my point is, all this ain’t going to come, if you let things like this just slide and people who think they can behave like mafia dons can just slink away like a bunch of cheap pirates.

The way I see it – no one these days can cut the cake and eat it at the same time without incurring penalties – for example ministers want to preach to bloggers about the perdition of online anonymity – that is fine. But how credible do you think they will come across when directors and ministers themselves hide like rats in the night just to cover their asses – how persuasive do you think they will come across when they speak to an audience about the perils of online anonymity. You go figure that out – the way I see it, if you want to behave like a kampung gangster – then I will have absolutely no problem treating you like one…only understand this!…I chew up these low lives like I go through cigarettes!. I want to be crystal clear so that we can all be on the same page here – we should develop zero tolerance for this sort of nonsense – as that is not how serious people go about doing big things.”

(Excerpt was of conversation was captured at camp six in Telugu Estate – relayed by the IMG)


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