If you want higher wages, then grow the economy…

April 27, 2013

Incredibly stupid statements like this do very little to further understanding. If anything, all it does is kick sand in the face of thinking folk and make perfectly reasonable people hot underneath the collar – as in reality, for the last ten years since the surreptitiously put the population on round after round of steroids to grow the economy, despite stellar growth – real wages after discouting for inflation has not even managed to keep up with the cost of living.

Today Singapore is the sixth most expensive city to live in the whole wide world – as for the propagandist press, they are now trying to convince the middle class that cars are not necessary, as we have buses and trains – next they will either get Jeremy Au or Tessa Wong to tell us all the benefits of regularly chowing mud cakes and tree bark congee – what disturbs me about all this is how it short circuits the brain to reasonably allow intelligent folk to make an informed decision about what is really going on their lives – as when one considers the intrinsic value of such statements and ask deeper – what does it actually do? Then even you will not have too much trouble agreeing with me that such statements are not so different from cripples huddling beneath a tree trying to wax lyrical about how wheels are far more kinetically efficient than limbs – I don’t for one moment discount the possibility such rhetoric actually goes a long to promote the feel good effect – only one should at least have the courtesy to note even the best hype and spin can never alter the reality. Just as every cripple probably knows how it feels to be confronted with a flight of steps.

Now this super duper idiot is parroting the same line again. I think it’s fair to say most of us can just brush him off as a inconsequential light weight from this point onwards. As such nonsensical people should never be taken seriously.

As they are never part of the solution, but rather the main problem.

Darkness 2013

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