Another Moment of Calmness – Archery

May 21, 2013

My gardener is a tribesman – that could be one reason why Vun (that’s his name) doesn’t consider it perculiar to spend his time devises ever more inventive ways to fix me. Usually he tries to surprise me by either impersonating a tree, hiding in the fridge, painting himself the same color as my curtains or burying himself in mud to stage a surprise attack – lately, Vun seems to have given the idea a rest – as the last stunt involved tying himself to a ceiling fan to ambush me – it came crashing down. These days Vun is just happiest to shift my archery target from tree to tree whenever I am asleep – sometimes, it’s at 30 yards. At other times 50 yards and further – after that, Vun crouches in one hidden corner and waits for me to wake up from my target practise.

When I get up. It’s not usually to kick start my body into alertness by shooting a dozen or so arrows – I don’t aim, not consciously at least – it’s hard to describe the whole process, except to describe it as throwing a ball through a hoop, that is at least how it has always seen it.

Archery to me has always been an intensely spiritual and meditative activity that I feel the word, sport doesn’t quite manage to capture – to me, there’s much more to it – it’s not so different from caressing one prayer bead as it slips over to yet another prayer bead that resembled the last in every shape and form and so on and so forth – there is a soothing elegance to the range of movements. An honesty even in the way the muscles stretch out to handle the strain of having to pull a high strung hunting bow – precision even in the way one controls the breathing and cadence to render the movements smooth, natural and still – then the shot – with every shot, my mind begins to turn inwards deeper and deeper cutting through all kinds of frivolous thoughts – be it worry, anger, envy, desire, lust, anger, anxiety, false hope, doubt or fear…..they all melt away like lemon drops…leaving only a pure and unadulterated moment of calmness that I can call my very own – I am ready for the world. So ready!

Darkness 2013

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