Why some people will get slapped while others are unslappable

May 21, 2013

As one of the most valuable lessons that I gathered from watching trees very early on in my life – is how they don’t seem to have any hang up’s about saying NO! I realized very early on in life NO! is a NOT an ordinary word – it is like Ohm or Hellaluya, it is a power word. When the farmer wants a tree to produce, it is not unusual for the tree to go on strike and just stop fruiting and rest. Even today scientist do not know why trees do this and they have tried everything to cajole mother nature and it hasn’t worked. As nature is bigger than man and it has it’s own way of doing things and it cares very little about what man thinks or even wants. This I think is the crux of what I have gathered from watching trees – I think BEFORE it is possible for a man to be able to seek happiness and a rewarding life. He should first feel comfortable with saying NO! NO! to staying back after 5 at work. No! to what you want me to be! No! to what you think of me! A point will come when you are so accustomed with this power word, NO. That you will eventually realize the more you use it, whenever you say NO! You are actually saying YES to what you really want out of life.  As all I really wanted to do in my life was to be close to my trees everyday, so to me it is very easy to say NO.  I think when you know what you really want in life – then it is very easy to work towards it, day by day, month by month and year by year and this goal with the power of the mind can only materialize into reality. It is really only a matter of time. I wish you all luck in find the line in your great escape.

Darkness 2013


“To be able to live a rewarding life – we must all be able to believe in the idea: if a man works hard, then he will be able to turn the wheel of life.

These days its hard to believe in that idea any longer – with salaries for the low income stagnating and in certain cases regressing – it is very difficult for many to remain optimistic about the whole idea of aspiring to live a happy life. Coupled to this fact, while the poor are getting poorer, the rich seem to be having a gala time. Everytime, we turn on the TV or just walk around in Singapore, we are bombarded by images of what we have to buy IF we are to live. It is a very cruel and constant reminder like a wind….not any wind. But I wind that blows for days – a wind that when it stands billowing in the distance can still make the face of death.

I saw such a wind once in Africa – a wind that a mad sultan once even marched with a whole army complete with elephants to declare war on such an evil.

It is such a wind I reckon, relentless, getting into every crevice, pore, orifice till it permeates you – that sort of soulful winThe not the fart in the elevator variety – that is why I believe it’s a grand failure of imagination whenever policymakers fail to put themselves into the shoes of the common man from time to time – to see the world from his humble vantage, to experience the texture of daily life as they do – if they did.

Then even politicians will realize without too much difficulty. For many there is a cruel twist to this whole affair of living in Singapore in this age – even natives are finding themselves edged out – edged out from car ownership. Edged out from job opportunities– meanwhile they are able to see what the rich may wear, drive around in and dine on very just like the orphans in Oliver Twist – but since they have no reasonable means to actualize this dream of living a happy life – they feel frustrated and demoralised by the whole idea of globalization, chasing growth, immigrants etc etc etc and eventually life goes down the drain pipe.

This begs the question – what then is the cure? One word. NO! If we cannot or do not see the wisdom of cultivating a level of comfort in the whole idea of how to say NO! Then how is it possible for things to improve in our lives. We must all be able to live our own lives and take control of it in such a way, whereby it is US and not OTHERS, who define what is success, good, right, noble, honorable, patriotic, normal etc etc etc etc – as once others are able to script their version of what those set pieces in life should look like – then if we are not MINDFUL we can all only struggle like a hamster in a wheel chasing someone elses goal all the time.

Though we are putting our shoulders to the wheel and even working so hard that we are panting and sweating. We are really not getting any where closer to our goals of living a happy and rewarding life – as the wheel is fixed and though it continues to turn, we are going absolutely nowhere.

Because let me explain to you why NO! Is not just another bullshit word like calibrate when it should be manage – and if it’s not well calibrated it means mismanaged – that at least is how a farmer calls it.

I reckon NO belongs to a compendium of power words like Ohm, hallelujah, abacadabra or some sonic cum metaphysical super duper cheem awakening of manhood.

As what follows the word NO for every man who uses it seriously thereafter is the road that ONLY he must walk all by himself – the lone inventor who toils in his garage trying to make things work the way he and he alone sees it – the man who writes as if he’s shoveling coal into the furnace though what he may well be doing is just stuffing scribbles into a bottle and casting it out into the infinity of the sea.

I think it is this aspect of the new man who has just said NO to his evil boss, fucked up supervisor, office politics or just plain backstabbing that I had enough of your psychotic nonsense – now I want to start my own business…no thank you. No!

You see that door? I am going to walk right out of it now! Good day Gentlemen.”

Excerpt of conversation captured in Steps of the Grand Magnifique Theatre in Primus Aldentes Prime – during a reception staged by princess Arullia of Asitopian – relayed through deep space channels by the Turbollion class death destroyers KDD Fist of God III – the Brotherhood Press 2013


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