A visit to the City

May 22, 2013

Today I hopped down to the city for spot of business in the Planter’s – Debbie is always excited like school girl, whenever we head to the city. She’s after all a thorough bred Singaporean gal whose happiest strolling in malls – I can tell.

During lunch, I asked whether she had any plans for the future as at the back of my mind –  it’s not possible for her to stay with me forever…..she needs to make plans to live her own life. As it turned out, the hint just flew by her. I never tried again.

The problem as I see it. This could well be the biggest hurdle for Debbie. As she has always relied on others to take care of her needs.

I tell myself that I should patient. Meanwhile on a lighter note, the 300 year old planters located right in the heart of the city is going through a renovation, the first in 300 years – I asked the front desk whether they would be installing broadband – the eighty something looked at me quizzically and simply said,

“no broad band Sir, only a string quartet…as usual in the Sweetenham room.”

Welcome to the 21st century a la Planter’s style lah. Nevermind at least the men’s room now comes with space age sensor faucets…maybe like the last one….it too will last 300 odd years.

Darkness 2013

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