Chuan Jin’s long shot – Part 1

May 24, 2013


“Gentlemen, this is idea of native PMET’s being discriminated in their own country is not a new story – if you are a regular reader of blogs, then you will find that this narrative has been around for the last seven to eight years.

It is only recently that the issue has registered on the decrepit PAP radar – no thanks to the nation destroying press that keeps on churning all is well in paradise sound bites.

The question is, is this trend reversible? In my opinion there is a cruel finality to this sad state of affairs – as once natives loose their foothold on a particular vocational sector be it banking, lawyering, doctoring or even sports then what is likely to happen is they will no longer be able to sustain the core intelligentsia necessary to perpetuate that vocational discipline.

As I mentioned it matters very little what that vocation or preoccupation may be – it could well be ping-pong, football or even how to string sentences together. Once foreigners gain critical mass in that particular field, then it is virtually impossible for them to regain back the lost ground – that I have always felt is the nature of any vocation – take too many natives out and what will eventually happen is the delicate social networks that used to breathe life, Ă©lan and panache into that industry will be transformed irrevocably – as to perpetuate ANY vocation coherently and holistically in a way that benefits natives, it is first necessary to maintain a critical mass of native intelligentsia.

Without this category of serious men – it is a mathematical impossibility to reverse the trend.

Chuan Jin has embarked on a noble enterprise – but even he must know that there is no possible way to fashion a happy solution out of this hubris – as since the problem of foreign PMET’s have been disregarded for so very long by the both officialdom and the apparatus of mass assimilation – the matter has been allowed to deteriorate to such an extent that in my opinion it is beyond all hope of rehabilitation – as it’s conceivable the problem now is no longer superficial, but systematic – and that’s just another way of saying that it’s now so deep and well burrowed into the work culture of Singapore that any attempts to eradicate it would simply be a forlorn dream.

I understand this is not what most people would like to read – nonetheless I believe this to be the truth.”

Darkness 2013


“A job is not just a job. If you don’t believe me, then just set aside some quiet time and look at that job longer and what you will begin to tease out are the nuances that previously escape you – the delicate human connections, the master and apprentice relationship along with the tribal aspects of leadership and the ability to maintain discipline.

To me whenever foreigners come into a particular job sector – there is always a need to regulate their numbers. Politicians and journalist in Singapore may not like to hear this, but that is only because their own profession is protected from such intrusions. So it is really quite useless to try to explain this concept to them.

But if you happen to be a professional man in Singapore who works in the private sector – then I don’t think you will have any problems in understanding the corrosive effects of lazy laissez faire immigration policies.

The real tragedy gentlemen, is not that we did not have human raw material to create a tribal core of natives to lead many of these industries – but since this matter was given scant attention and virtually zero attention by the psychopathic press that is only fixated on keeping the ruling party in power at every cost and opportunity – even it means eliding, embellishing and down playing the magnitude and seriousness of this problem.

If you think this is just an indolent rant then maybe you should read history and familiarize yourself with how happy-go-lucky immigration policies are really not so different from those horror stories where you have someone bringing a dainty flower from the old country only to transplant them to their new home – and within a short span of time, that alien weed begins to overreach to squeeze out the local fauna to destroy everything – even history bears witness to this chelating – the Ottomans brought in Jani to revivify their martial ranks, within a very short time these foreign soldiers began to empire build and even created a elaborate ritualized and stylized way to perpetuate their monopoly of the art of war – the same can be traced out in the twilight years of the Roman empire, when the iron discipline of Roman legions were slowly corroded by mercenaries – eventually even Romans themselves didn’t know the front end of a sword from the back.

The moral of the story is what you never bother to take care of will always go to the dogs.

To me it is a one way street. And it’s final. With no possibility of reversal. Once the high ground is taken. That’s it! Kaput! The end that is. The sooner we come to terms with the carnage, the better it is for
all of us.

If you’re a professional man in Singapore. It gives me very little pleasure to say – it’s every man for himself. That I am a afraid is as good as it gets – now you understand why this makes me so very angry. I think gentlemen it is best if I hold my tongue…..”

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