Kishore’s Childish Lament

May 25, 2013

The nation destroying press recently reported Kishore Mahbubani was very concerned that ‘online discourse might be eroding trust in public institutions’. I understand. I understand completely. As these are after all very real concerns.

But for Kishore to put ALL the blame on the online community is not so different from a befuddled husband who keeps wondering aloud why doesn’t the girl he loves seem very keen to reciprocate his affections – infact, she seems to be far more interested in investing her emotions in another man.

This may seem odd and even peculiar, but I assure you all this is quite natural and explainable – as when a man does not service his precious regularly in the way a farmer from time to time gives his trusted tractor a good turn with the wrench – along with doing the things that needs doing – then you really cannot blame the woman, customer, citizen or for that matter thinking person from seeking happiness elsewhere.

The moral of the story, what you never bothered to take care of diligently – you never once owned – other people who know how to take care and love things will just come along and take your precious away.

And you can do absolutely nothing as you watch by helplessly.

Absolutely nothing…..Instead of Kishore asking, “whether we can afford to lose trust in public institutions” like a cry baby. He would do well to ask, “what public institutions can do to regain back the trust of the public?” To put it crudely maybe Kishore should go and ask officialdom and the mind numbing press to put their house in order first – as let us be frank, so many things are wrong and contrary to his broken record sermons – all is not well in paradise.

Research this well, as this applies to your loved ones, friends, pets, customers, business associates and those who may try to sell you things that you are not interested in.

Trust me, life is very simple – there is absolutely no need to complicate your already complicated life – just let the naked truth sink in slowly and you’ll be good to go in a while.

Darkness 2013


“There was this time when I was in Singapore and Dotty’s pastor confronted us in the park – I think, he considered me a shady character – as he mentioned God told him that it was unnatural for a man and woman to spend hours sitting on a park bench watching birds.

So I gave him a Kung Fu Panda kick in his ass – when he asked me why I kicked him. I told him God told me to kick him. I apologised profusely in tongues that sounded a bit like yabadabado.

As I told Dotty’s pastor there was nothing I could do about it – Dotty laughed out loud and rolled on the grass like a possessed woman. Her pastor told her she was besotted by the devil – so I gave him another kick – and this time, I told him, it could have been either God or the Devil who told me to give him yet another kick. I can’t be sure.

Again Dotty laughed out loud again. As I don’t believe she has ever gone out with such a peculiar person.

I think, when you are really sincere, comfortable in your own skin and genuinely care for person – then no matter how odd, strange, weird or peculiar you may be – that person knows deep in their bones, she can trust you – and when you think about it; that is all there is to it.

So whenever others try to separate both of you – they can only fail. Not even God can separate two people who are blessed to experience this perfect unity.

To love and be loved in return. No conditions. Good to go!

I don’t understand these people. I don’t know why there is a need to complicate things – to make it even harder and more difficult than it seems, when it’s really quite simple.

Trust is a fruit. It’s something that ONLY comes AFTER you have planted the seed, nourished the soil with water and tend diligently like a farmer. Trust doesn’t come if all you have is me, me, me and me or take, take, take and take – it’s give and take.

People who don’t grow things don’t know this. They just go to the supermarket and put stuff in their cart.

But I can tell, I can hold up two mangoes that look exactly the same – and tell Dotty where this and that were grown – I can even paint a picture of the farm….you see, you’ve got her interested….you’ve planted a seed in her….so you’re drawing her in….ever slowly into your world….your private world where you’re allowing to see the world as she has never seen it before.

But before it is possible to even share your world with someone – you need to work hard to flesh out that world in your head – the world that is you and the world that you want to be part of, the world that is bigger than you. A world where you can trust your hopes and not your fears.

When you think about it, no woman or for that matter man will just listen to anyone these days. How could they when everyone is trying to plant a flag on your head to tell you to buy this! Be that! Wear that! Drive that! Eat that. Day in and day out people are screaming into our ears – and it’s getting louder and louder. So why should anyone listen to you these days…why should anyone listen to me for that matter?

Unless of course you done everything that needs to be done. You done it well. You done it sincerely with a genuine heart.

If you have done all these things. She will listen to you. If not then, WHY should she listen to you? You could even her father, but if you show no love to her – why should she listen to you?

But if you love her and she can feel your love. Then anything is possible.

As all they can really see is the good and funny side of this strange man who has come into their life – she may not know what the future holds. It could even be tragedy. He’s after all a married man. But she knows he cares deeply for her…..and so even when the woman knows deep down that man may well be bad and evil. I think, they will still believe he is still a very lovable and huggable person – but I think, they first need to be in love. I happen to think that is the alpha and omega – the beginning and end – and everything else comes thereafter.

Nowadays I don’t go around kicking people any longer – as I am often told by others, I have to behave like a mature, responsible and law abiding landowner – that is why these days, I get the girls who are really fond of me to kick their pastors instead.

These are some of my happiest memories of Singapore.”

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