Is a degree that important?

May 26, 2013

If you’re in Australia or Canada. Then I will say a degree might well be optional. As plumbers and car mechanics can earn as much as a brain surgeon. Besides even if you miss out on opportunities to pursue higher education in those countries, it’s still possible to work towards a degree as the whole idea of adult education is really a science in Western societies – in western societies but, it’s perfectly normal for a person to drive a trailer and eventually work his way through night school to be automobile engineer.

However in Singapore, the hard facts are blue collar workers will always get a bum deal no matter how one cuts and splice it. Don’t believe me? Then go and find out how salaries for blue collar jobs have stagnated and even regressed in the last ten years in Singapore! Go on, you owe it to yourself to get the hard facts before you take the dive.

To exacerbate matters, the whole idea of adult education or night school is non existent in Singapore. Either that or prohibitive expensive and discriminates against adult education (don’t believe me, then why don’t you try getting your working experience recognized as credit points by NUS, NTU or any other local institution – when was the last time you shared a lecture with an uncle or auntie) so if you miss out of getting a degree when you’re young, you’re more or less set that way for the rest of your life.

My feel is these harsh realities must first be factored into your plan as you make the decision to either join the workforce or pursue your degree.

Besides the ONLY reason why there is a 180 degree reversal in policy by officialdom (cast your mind back to that period when that over paid idiot once mentioned, if you just have a basic degree, then you’ll be washing testubes and petri dishes) is because someone fucked up big time in their planning assumptions. Yes, I mentioned the phrase, fucked up. As that is precisely what it is
– wonder no more why these days you have so many ministers coming out of the woodwork to pooh pooh the whole idea of a degree.

Besides even if you decide to pursue a degree – what is to prevent you from being a crane operator, high class call girl, laborer thereafter?

But if you just to put your studies on hold and believe that you can work a few years before you decide to pick up where you last left off – then I can more or less guarantee you that, you will never be able to find either the time or opportunity to continue your studies again – I am not saying it’s impossible, but from first hand experience, it can be incredibly disruptive and an unhappy enterprise – I rather much prefer to keep the momentum and get it all done with in one straight line like emptying my bladder. That’s just the way I see it.

Another reason why you should get your studies over and done with before you even decide to be a hawker, crane operator or dog shooter is because this will provide you with an opportunity to work, live and play abroad – trust me the experience will definitely broaden your outlook in life. If all you’re doing is just shoveling sand in Boon Lay, then I really don’t see how brain is going to expand and be changed by the world. But if you can arrange it in such a way, where you are able to work and study for the last leg of your degree in either the US, EU or Australia – then you might consider working a couple of years abroad to broaden your working experience.

The way I see it – pursuing a degree, if it’s done right with the right attitude will always broaden your mind and give your the skillsets to connect the dots later on in life – it will put you in god stead and give you that added confidence that you’re a graduate – may well be just a tin pot university – but nonetheless a graduate is a graduate – if all you’re doing is just putting your nose to grind wheel day and day out, then no matter how well you think or write – you’re really just a frog in the well.

And while we are on this subject of winnowing the truth from lies – let me just say, a degree is not hamburger, so WHO IN THEIR RIGHT FRAME OF MIND WOULD EVEN WANT TO EAT THEIR DEGREE? That more of less puts $8 Shorty Kwan et al in the dustbin.

Coming to think of it – do you see any of the privileged children of those elites sending their kids to the circus to brush up their hand and eye coordination to prepare them to be better crane operators?

Trust me. In five years, many of you will thank me for good advice.

You are good to go! Just remember one thing – you will NEVER get such a frank discussion on this subject from the nation destroying press – to them, you’re just a statistic. The way I see it, you weren’t put on this planet just to improve the annual performance appraisal of ministers – you were meant to do greater things…..

We will win!

Darkness 2013


“The gold standard of the art of manliness is to work and study at the same time – for one this configuration will not burden your parents financially. The second benefit is this regimen will allow you plenty of opportunities to manage yourself and others – as you need to develop a personal culture of continuous improvement where you strive to get it right the first time – as time and resources is always a constraint. Unlike a full time student who needs only to preoccupy themselves with studies – you will continuously need to juggle resources as you will be have to function in an environment of resource scarcity.

I think, that is the ONLY thing one ever takes away from pursuing a university degree – the idea that you have every reason to fail, but you didn’t and at the end of the day despite all your trails – you came out safely through the other side. Either that or you were just lucky and the system spat you out like a seed.

Anyone who tells you that counts for nothing – just hasn’t lived life at all.

So tell me my friend, how smart is it to just take a run with something you heard from someone who you hardly know in TV? What happens one day if they turn out to be all wrong – that can happen – as these days, they seem to get it so very wrong so many times that I can’t for dear life remember when they were last right on anything!

You go figure that out! As all I can do is tell you how this will begin – I am not Nostradamus, I can’t tell you how it will end.

But what I do know is this – if you start off with a defeatist attitude that a degree as just a useless piece of paper. And I suspect that is what most short term people do, to them it’s just a paper chase, mug, sit for exams and move on to the next level. What happens in between is just a huge blur – then guess what, it will just be that, a piece of paper and nothing beyond that – a self fulling prophecy.

But I don’t think that’s the way smart people regularly look at things. As they know only too well, it is really what you are prepared to bring along with you to the whole degree experience – even if it happens to be a tin pot university, if done right – working towards a degree can certainly be a life changing experience – I am just not talking about what you put into your head, but everything else – lying on the grass in summer with a voluptous Italian girl and just watching puffy clouds go by to maybe ridding your bike really fast down snakey roads in the Pyrennes – all these sights, sounds, sensations and experiences all add up to make up character – so if you say it is nothing, then you have to stupid – that’s really how I see it. Stupid is stupid.

In life, if you are not prepared to commit yourself to an enterprise – be it a degree, harvesting oil palm, tying knots, polishing your car on a Sunday afternoon, fixing a leaky sink – then the chances are you will get absolutely nothing out of it – it will just go right through you like X- ray and pass out as urine – and I guess that’s really how life is.

But once you put ALL of yourself into a thing – then I believe even something that looks really mundane and everday like cutting down a oil palm fruit can be something so special. As in truth, it is NEVER simple – only stupid people think it is simple and useless – as they can only reduce value to utility terms. But the wise have always known knowledge is one of the keys to power.

Go for it!”


This post has been relayed and broadcasted to all secured channels in the Underground Federation of Gamers Internationale by the Interspacing Mercantile Guild in collaboration with the Confederation of Gamers, The four houses & all the Guilds in the Strangelands – The Brotherhood Press 2013.

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