Remain very calm….

May 28, 2013

Remain very calm. Be still, so very still like a hunter before the quickening. No, this is not a surprise. It should be….as it was always in the cards, I reckon.

Yes I understand. I am understand completely now.

This day was always meant to be – after all, it has always been a case of when will they blink. Never ever whether this would ever come to past. Never.

I may not agree with this – but I can understand why this is seen to be even necessary by the custodians of power. I understand. When I scale what seems to at stake.

So why should this be a surprise at all?

No! Like I said it was in the cards all along….It was foreseeable. Yes it was. You don’t even have to be remarkably smart to connect the dots either to figure out, why this day was always meant to come.

And if this was expected all along, foreseeable and something that was always meant to happen – then it can’t be that new at all – which is really just another way of saying it probably happened somewhere before, in another age, another timeline, another place- this same thing has happened before to whole communities who suddenly woke up one morning and found themselves all looking dumb struck at strange and menacing clouds rolling in like the four horse men.

And if it has happened before. Then surely I have nothing to fear at all – it is after all a well trodden path. A path that has been transversed so many that I can even make out the texture of how this trail resembles the quality of earthenware, cut maybe on the side of a hill with other meandering paths radiating out all over like how the roots of a tree radiate out and touch the roots of other trees – and if that is the case, what is there to really fear.

The truth will live on. Relax. Breathe….Breathe deeply. Go on breathe…

Tomorrow will be a beautiful day, I reckon. An exceptional day even. As now you understand – it was always meant to be. I reckon for me, tomorrow will certainly be a day amongst days – as had it turned out any different from what transpired today….that would have really surprised me.

But this? No. Like I said, it was always in the cards.


Darkness 2013

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