What is really a netizen?

May 28, 2013

He’s someone who doesn’t just read the propagandist ST and swallow it whole – hook, line and sinker. As he knows only too well what’s their hidden agenda. So he’s not in the least surprised that the apparatus of mass assimilation is in the business of embellishing, eliding and massaging the truth to keep the status quo ante. Neither does a netizen have any problems in calling a spade a spade vis-a-vis the ST is a machine to engineer consent.

He’s also not someone whose dumb enough enough to just take and run with what someone in TV has to say about life and their objects of interest in general. As again he knows there is more than one way to get ahead in life and though he may agree the tried and yellow brick road of officialdom certainly offers one way, it’s certainly not the only or the best way. So the netizen will always prefer to go his way.

Neither is a netizen someone who just takes and run with whatever is served up in blogosphere as he knows only too well Potemkin sites such as Singaporedaily and Breakfast Network exist to serve a very real and sinister goal – and that goal MAY have very little to do with beaconing out the murk or for that matter furthering the truth.

Dont believe me then go and ferret out the history of those who claim to be the new purveyors of the truth online. Go on! You owe it to your brain just as you probably owe it to your well being to read food labels before you start gobbling it all down.

In summary, the netizens is the prototypal modern thinking man. A man who knows only too well – life is NEVER so simple as how it’s so often forwarded by the custodians of power and their minions – a sort of man who will always peer into darkened interiors, nurse his askance and always interrogate whatever comes before him – as he is none other than the humble seeker of the truth and nothing but the truth. Hardly the sort don’t you think so, who will compromise his values simply because it makes sense these days to know which side of the bread is buttered…..like so many sanctimonious pricks and cunts who I rather prefer avoid and read my book or play my violin instead.

And that is definitely uncommon in Singapore. Get used to it! Because that will always be in your face whether you like it or not!

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