Cui Bono?

May 29, 2013

“Cui Bono? Who stands to benefit the most from all this? The way I see it – it can’t be those who are passionate about the truth.

And what happens when the flow of information is curtailed? What happens when an iron curtain descends on the freedom to write and be read? What happens when you suddenly look around your head and see a policeman standing there?

It can’t be the ordinary man on the streets who benefits? After all, if he just reads the ST – then how can he possibly win in life? How is it possible for such a man to derive at an informed decision when facts are regularly embellished, exaggerated, elided and give the spin treatment whenever it is served up like fresh bread day in and day out? What happens when the flow of counter information becomes less trafficked – as no one after all likes to blog or for that matter put their thoughts on an electronic parchment because they can’t cough up 50K?

What happens when we all suddenly find ourselves living in a hermitcally sealed totalitarian information state where only the big like ST and breakfast Network who can easily foot out 50K are allowed to shape thoughts and opinions as ONLY they can continue writing – while the small man who may well enjoy a large readership is forced to bow out as he can never afford it? How does that idea forward information democracy?

No. I really don’t think the stakeholders of Singapore stand to benefit from all this whose. This common good thing is all a crockmof shit – no it’s not people whose kids have to one day put on uniform and learn how to leopard crawl and cut razor wire with a multi tool who stand the most to benefit from all this?

Cui Bono? Who stands the most to benefit from all this?

It is best to wait and see, hear and seek to understand. This I believe is what the wise will do – if after a period of time, its business as usual and no rationale accompanies this latest move and they behave as if this is another beautiful day in paradise – then and only then will we form our own opinions that will eventually be the truth.

Gentlemen, we are not dealing with the Strangelanders here. We can’t just send a third stage guild navigator and demand and explanation like we usually donned. This is in the real world. We need to explore and if possible exhaust all diplomatic avenues before we proceed to measured response.

You know personally I feel very disappointed by this latest move – as I had planned to start a cooking series for many of those who have told me that they wanted to be hawkers, but didn’t know where or how to cook for nuts – now it seems these plans would have to be shelved.

Coming to think of it what can anyone write about Singapore when this comes into full effect?”

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