We Will Win!

May 31, 2013

“The Third Stage Navigator told us all that we should all power off! They said, if we do not comply, then they will slap us all with a charge of treason under the Arullian Protocal. But Gentlemen, when I think about it – I only have one life. And if one sees it that way – then there is really only one thing to do. It’s hardly a matter of choice.

let me put it another way – if you are a family man – doesn’t even matter whether you are high or low, rich or poor, smart or stupid like me – doesn’t even matter whether you happen to be a jamban cleaner, dog shooter, part time call girl, policeman, ISD officer, internet survelliance officer, lawyer, doctor, accountant, lecturer, journalist, home maker, tuition teacher, bus driver – what will you say, if you child ask of you one day, ‘Daddy what did you do to protect the Internet so that we can enjoy freedom today?” – that I feel puts it all very nicely in the right perspective – what will you say Gentlemen? Now who is with me in the good fight?

Gentlemen to win in this war – we first need to kill the policeman in our head. We need to grab this invader who is called FEAR somewhere in the darkened corner of our head and we need to pull back his head and slit his throat.  And watch the life seep out of him.

Once this is done….anything is possible and nothing is impossible. Send an encrypted message capsule to all the tribes in the Strangeland….tell them we are defying the four houses.”

We will Win!

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