lNo volunteers willing to help out to fight the haze

June 23, 2013

I spent the whole morning touching base with many in my own community – the goal was to try to use the wealth of our combined expertise in plantations and mining to try to see whether we can come out with something to rein in the cowboys in Sumatra.

Everywhere I went, the reaction was the same, “don’t be crazy Darkness…we can’t be seen helping a regime that’s hell bent on censoring the internet! Besides that’s your idea remember?”  Those were just the incredibly polite one’s. I will leave out the colorful ones.

I think, this could well be a case of karma – what goes around is bound to come around. Or maybe it’s just me….by that I mean, whenever I sell my community an idea…usually, what I regularly fail to consider is, though it’s an easy sell, but often it’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible to undo it! People after all have their own minds. And whether they wish to help is after all their prerogative.

Let’s see how it goes. I am hopeful. Meanwhile maybe Mini Lee should reconsider repealing those draconion internet laws to help me out a bit…besides, I still have five more bases to touch. Either that or this matter will just be left to those hollow men who regularly give closed door speeches in the school of Rajaratnam – and what do you all think they can possibly do to make the situation better?


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