Haze Respirator V.2

June 27, 2013


This is the field version of the Haze Respirator that has been fitted with a heavy duty HEPA circular filter – got kitted out this morning by the Timblinger Guilds from Munich and have been when cycling around a 700 air quality count plantation. Despite the five chilli  strenous exercise – all I felt was a bit thirsty. But since there is a camel back suction feed inside the mask to supply water everything is perfect. The good thing about the mask is the temperature never builds up as it’s always fresh air is pumped in – my only complain is the sound seems to be quite present – or maybe it is just me. I even like how the googles are positive pressure to prevent dirty air from smutting my eyes.

This morning as a I chanced on a coupe of harvesters cycling with this head gear and lugging my hunting bow – they are all scrambled and ran away.

So far I’ve used it for only 4 hours. Will be taking it through it’s paces for another 5 hours. I expect such types of respirators to be used for people who have to regularly work eight hours a day – pizza delivery man, road sweepers, policeman, cyclist, post man, car coupon aunties, soldiers, dengue inspections, construction workers etc.

“Since this project is driven predominantly by those in the Internationale underground – news concerning it’s progress is bound to be muffled. School teachers, university lecturers and your supervisors will ask you what it is?

It’s best to just say, you bought it in Amazon –  let me be clear, our goal is to prepare for the next haze, if it gets this bad and ministers start falling over themselves again and the president decides to hide in his cupboard and everyone in authority just seems to be waffling – then what you are likely to see is whole droves of people who have already built their $10 respirators and walking, cycling and playing football with them – these are things that another can make with their loved ones –

If you happen to be a dad. Sit down with your child and work through the many challenges that you need to come up with a working prototype – it will be fun and a good opportunity for your kids to see anotherside of your character – if you happen to be an educator, then try to incorporate this idea in a science project – and if you’re just a salaried man who has a working prototype try to share it with the people who you regularly hang around in the water cooler.

To be honest with you. I wanted to make money out of this device. But it doesn’t feel right to me, then and now – so I am not even going to patent this design. Not even going to try to commodotize it – it’s something that I hope people will get excited about. Something that will allow them to focus all their rage and frustration on as they try their best to solve the many niggling designs of building something like this from scratch.

In my experience, when people feel that they are doing something meaningful to prepare for an uncertain future – usually the feel happier as that’s only natural when one takes control of one’s life – I imagine the feeling has to be very edifying and fulffilling. As for governments, there have always been optional to me.

Something that beating all the levels of a video game and just watching the tributes roll right out – tributes that you know most gamers never ever get to watch. As most of them have never ever made it to the final level.

Get excited! Remember this is a double skull directive – it’s top secret. Beware of spies!

We will win!

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