Helicopters to the rescue. Really? The Six good men.

June 28, 2013

Most of the major hot spots in Sumatra are fizzling out. Then the water helicopters come in.

The way I see it, it’s like sending in the doctor after the patient has mati alredi.

And how do I know all this?

We have a man on the ground.

The solution is to create a network of singaporean farmers strategically located throughout Sumatra and especially the region of Riau – each farmer runs a plot of 500 hectares or possibly more, with an oil mill – this is the only way for them to osmotically integrate into the convoluted kampung hierarchy to change the way agriculture is managed.

There are no short cuts. This time next year, if the winds continue to blow Northwards maybe the haze will not be so bad in Singapore. Even if it rains, I am sure it will offer some much welcome respite. But one thing is certain, the burning will continue.

We just need six farmers. Each located strategically in major trade and social nodes to foreclose on this mission by establishing networks with the headman, political and social hegemony right to the kampung folk- 6 men is all that is needed to put an end to this nonsense. Then my ashmatic and kids can go out into park and watch my beloved birds.

Six good men and all our problems will melt away like lemon drops.

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