Where have all my birds gone and Kristen Han.

June 28, 2013


Where have the birds gone….I know the case against Quick Gun Shammugam looks damning – but I assure you. You’re barking up the wrong tree. I happen to know this industry very well. The people you’re dealing with are very powerful. They’re so powerful they dont need Quick Gun – and allow me to let you in, into a little secret even if Quick Gun seems to be like in the inner circle. As he’s doing is serving up popadums and biscuits.

This fellow just got caught with the wromg bed fellows lah – he dunno head or tail. All your Pulitzer price investigative journalism just reads like a Tin Tin Adventure – but there is no truth to it.

You see I happen to know who the real culprits are –  I have to know. As one day I need to settle accounts with my friends the birds.

You should apologise to quick gun Sham for letting your mind run wild and tripping you over your panties.

Remember I am the man who knows who is responsible for this haze. I know every single one of them.


“This is the way I see it. If Quick Gun starts the conversation by calling in the heavy artillery like Davinder Singh. Then everything goes right out of the window. In this case he’s working through the digital grapevine – that’s what a wise man would do – use diplomacy only if all avenues fail do you resort to force.

Any reasonable man would have no problem understanding common sense from what Quick Gun Shammugam is trying to do by explaining to Remy – who incidentally is no Star Guild Certified Interplanetary Liaison officers like Sergei or even Singaporedaddy.

This blur Remy calls up sia chu. Since he is a sotong, he doesn’t know in Wales it’s time to get comfy and tucky – that’s why she entitled her brush with death as a call in the night. Let me put my reputation on the line (whatever it’s worth) – there is some structural truth to what she has written, certain factual accounts are correct such as Quick Gun sat on the board – but it is the insinuations that are stitched together to create a the suggestion that there is something very smelly in Denmark – that I find goes against the gentlemen’s code of fair play.

So Gentlemen how would quick gun play it now? To me it is very clear – on record he has resorted to all diplomatic means to try to make this novelist see the error of her supposition – so what else can he do?

But I will say this and perhaps you the perceptive reader can stitch it all together and draw your respective conclusions concerning these allegations – the fat girl is just barking up the wrong tree. Hey, I like her élan, panache and aplomb in the way she uses short sentences to heighten and sharpen whole atmosphere – but despite her creatively, she is so far away from the truth.

If it was really men like Quick Gun running around in a cloak and dagger with mysterious palm oil barons to destroy people and planet in the name of the greater glory of moneyrama – then it would be so very easy to bring them down.

But with these barons they are so big – so immensely big that even I doubt it’s possible to bring them to bow.

And if you look at Quick Gun Shammugum and how he’s trying to build a legal seize machine short of using the United Nations and the Aga Khan foundation – now if Quick gun was sharing a bunk bed with those cheap pirates and carpetbaggers.

Why would he go through so much trouble to bring those proxies of those plantation barons to justice – as for the barons. You will never know who they are…only shadows in the shifting moonlight of the flaming forest somewhere deep in Sumatra.


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