Log 17-7-13

July 17, 2013

WEATHER: I am convinced after yesterday’s brief rain – the monsoon will arrive earlier than usual – perhaps even as early as mid August. I need to speed up on the road works, pits, drains and replanting program.

TO DO LIST: I need to identify the trees that need to be removed and replanted. This cannot be delayed.

BIRD HOUSE LAB: I have informed the contractor to start work. He wants the full details – I have told him to proceed room by room, so as not to confuse him. He will start work in two days.

BIRD HOUSE CARETAKER: I will have to instruct him to paint the bird house and grills.

EXTRAORDINARY EVENTS: My enemies have started to inform buyers that they are interested to sell their lands – the price they are asking is exorbitant – something has definitely spooked them – I will make sure no one buys their lands. By purchasing the sorrounding lands and rediverting the river to dry out their parcel of lands – this has to be done delicately. I want them to understand life is very cruel – eventually when they realize no one wants to buy their lands maybe they will come grovelling to me – I have informed the village elders, if anyone buys their lands, they will never get my cooperation. I suspect at current oil palm rates, they find it difficult to pay of their monthly bank loans – I will wait them out.

ARCHERY: I still have great difficulty line finding that mythical line. My arrows are everywhere. I cannot get her out of my mind. Its useless. I need to get back to my old line where I can pick off a 50 cent coin from 50 yards. This is no good!



The bow is perfect. I tuned it personally myself last night set at 55 lbs draw weight – the arrows perfect, 300 grains, fletched at 5 degrees rotation with 200 target points. It must me. There is something seriously wrong with me. Something deep in me is broken.

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