Log 21-07-13

July 21, 2013

Whenever I dream. I dream only about Honduras. I do not know whether this is some lingering effect of the drug that my drink was spiked with – I really do not know – I’ve never been to Honduras. Never even consciously dreamt about it once. Not that I can remember. So why do I suddenly want to go there now in my dreams.

Coming to think about it – how do I really know whether it’s actually Honduras – I don’t seem to recognize any landmarks that I can associate with a place in Honduras.

I need to stay focussed. I need to brush my teeth and sleep now.

But why of all places….Honduras?

I miss my Samurai wife acutely. No. I mustn’t go there.

strange event: The guilds today upped their offer again for me to write what I write. Just imagine. Now the price is. Are you ready for this? 5,000 Imperial Shekelians per article. Of what? Fantasy, fact, creative writing, story telling and confessions that you really whether it’s a story or really something real.

Just imagine 5,000 Shekelians.

I said no and told them to fuck off. This just goes to show you that blogging can be profitable even if you only happen to get a couple of hits a day – you don’t need a lot of people to make money from creative writing – you just need maybe a bus full of women who are willing to use real money to buy fake money in a game setting and pay to read what a man marrooned in his mind writes.

To do list:

(a)6 packs of fertilizers tomorrow on the rubber slope.

(b)Speak to Wong and seek his advice on road works.

(c)Speak to Vun.

(d)place order for gravel.


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