Log 1-08-13

August 1, 2013

Weather: light drizzle this morning. Overcast. Haze quite bad cannot see the mountain ranges.

Renovation: called up K to arrange for a quotation for safe room in bird house.

Estate: Started harvesting yesterday. Con’t today.

Highlights: Ah Pao the tractor man is doing some minor landscaping on my lands today. During lunch time, JJ brought two lunch tiffins. One for me and the other for Ah Pao.

I like the way JJ is dressed today – she’s wearing a cotton Cheong Sam. I like the subdued tones – it’s work wear, yet there is enough formality to suggest she made a real effort to look elegant and respectable today.

I like my women this way.

I ate alone on the hill overlooking the estate while Ah Pao and JJ did the same on the otherside in the east pavilion overlooking the terraces – I don’t really know why, but I feel there’s a need to maintain a respectable distance. I don’t usually like to get too close to those who work with or for me – I am not a rah rah sort of person – I don’t ever feel the need to come across as friendly and nice – besides, I need to keep an invisible line or space – where I can say to myself, this is mine and that’s theirs.

Besides I don’t want any trouble – I know my lunch box is always better than Ah Pao’s. I just know la.

I reckon I have to come across as a cold hearted man to others who may not know me very well. I don’t fully understand why I keep pushing away the people who really care for me – perhaps my wife is right after all, when she called me a monster.

I wonder. What do monsters think about when they eat their lunch all by themselves?

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