Why I agree with Ng Eng Hen that DRUMS poses the biggest threat to Singapore

August 5, 2013

Completely agree with Ng Eng Hen – that’s one reason why I never ever read the ST and even remind myself whenever I read the Breakfast Network, that I would do well to do so cautiously and take what they have to say with a truck load of salt. (they are after all cut from the same cloth, so you go figure out how different can the goal and drummers be when they are culled from the very same stable)  

As I know for a fact, they happen to be churning out DRUMS (Distortions, Rumours, Untruths, Misinformation and Smears) 24/7 – I also happen to believe very strongly DRUMS can spread very far and wide and even cause confusion and chaos. As pointed out rightly by F-35 cannot fly for nuts Ng –  and that it can weaken our resolve and cause disunity, along with making you into someone unsociable, fat, ugly, poor and into a person who no one wants to fuck.

Fortunately we all have the internet to save us from doom and gloom.

Long live the internet!


“Where I turn the wheel of life – there is a very small contigent of Singaporean business men. Not many, maybe 200 to 300 who I regularly touch base with – usually they will invite me for pot luck dinner which I look very much forward too – I consider this to be a very important aspect of networking – since it is an opportunity to socialize and extend my shpere of influence – as I try to help whenever I can to make life easier for this tiny community.

Two years ago – there was this chap who hailed from Sengkang – this fellow would often bring copies of old ST to these gatherings. One day, I took him to one side and asked him in a very serious and gentle tone,

why are you bringing poison here.”

He did not understand at first – in fact, he was very angry with me – as he must have considered my show of concern as some form of personal intrusion.

This I can understand completely. As that is how it usually is, when a person lives in a world filled with lies, distortions, embellishment, exaggerations etc etc. Fortunately we both made the effort and got to know each other on a personal level. We even found out our kids are studying in the same school and that we have many things in common, such as photography and creative writing – it was quite a considerable investment on my part, some 20 or 25 man hours (I even invited his family to spend a weekend in my plantation) – but I believe it was worth it.

Because I really wanted to convey to this person – I wanted him to be genuinely persuaded that I mean well. That I believe is jugular – “I mean well.”

As it turned out, this person understood that my concern did not arise from any malice, bad faith or hidden agenda – infact, he even intimated to me one day as we were walking in my plantation

“Yes, I see the truth now…things are suddenly so very clear now…..I can now connect the dots.”

And even thanked me profusely for taking the time and effort to share with him the facts of life….I think one should always be very mindful about what one commits to read – instead of just buying into a narrative hook, line and sinker – and that to me is just another way of saying – we need to all take responsibility for what goes into our brain – we need to be proactive gate keepers of information – we need to constantly winnow the truth from the lies, especially when it is drummed out from the nation destroying Strait Times. Or from the propaganda machine of the state – after all, I am sure even the minister will have to agree with me AFTER Singapore has passed the most repressive laws in the world to censor the Internet – there is no information democracy in Singapore.

The mind is after all such a precious thing and it would be is such a pity if such a beautiful thing goes to waste.”

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