Log 8-8-13

August 8, 2013

UAV works like a dream. This is our all seeing eye high above.

Our convoy of lorries seem to be making good progress along the trecherous plantation roads – for the very first time, we can see what is around us miles ahead.

Previously, we relied on scouts who would be proceed hours and in certain cases days ahead of us on Kawasaki scramblers. Not very effective. As their assessment at ground level was severely limited by spatial constraints hence reports tended to vary from rider to rider which often made on the spot decision making a hit and miss affair – this I reckon is a significant improvement.

There is only problem. During the development of the UAV, everyone in the team was so fixated on proofing flight integrity, signal strenght, aerodynamics etc etc, that no one bothered with the practical aspects of looking into bringing down the styrofoam bird in one piece – as a consequence, believe it or not.

We can’t even land the fucking thing! Not without giving everyone high blood pressure and nervous tics. Everyone has to stand in one line and try to catch it, meanwhile to keep everyone nippy and alert. Some smart Alex blares out period disco earth, wind and fire boogie wonderland over the loud hailer – as it makes it’s wobbly descend down to earth.

Sometimes I feel like taking a machine gun and mowing everyone down. I am just kidding!

I need to keep reminding myself that I need to be a very patient man. Besides the whole development was undertaken mostly by a mix of RC hobbyist and code writers, we cobbled together in the Internet. I even need to tell myself from time to time to hear only the good news and smile when I feel like flaring my nostrils.

But seriously, why do we always get the 99% right, only to fuck it all up just because no one bothered with the 1%?

We all live and learn, I guess. I spend hours watching grainy footage like this to learn how to make progress on muddy roads.

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