Log 12-8-13 / Strange Weather / Helicopter Emergency Landing

August 12, 2013

Weather: The weather seems to be a hot topic in the kopitiams and warungs – it seems everyone from the small holders to the large plantation owners seem to be clueless as to what to expect in the coming weeks.

Yesterday for example, we had four hours of classical monsoon rains that seems to suggest the rains have finally arrived. Today it is back to fry an egg on the bonnet scorching hot again with no respite of afternoon rains – very strange.

The fruiting cycle of both cash and palm has been erratic throughout this whole month to the point where older palms do not seem to fruit at all – younger palms for some reason are not affected. This is most fortunate for me. As most of my trees are 5 to 6 years.

As for the durian season this year it has been abysmal – with many orchards reporting zero to poor and very low yields.

Bird House: Yesterday’s heavy rain seems to have brought out the birds in full force this morning – not only in my BH, but everywhere else it seems. I suspect this may have something to do with the ultra cool weather during the morning which gave way to a scorcher by mid-day.

I am happy that my BH seems to be doing relatively well.

Estate: Started manuring lower section of sandy area – will follow thru tomorrow. Fruit set in this section is particularly poor – I walked around and noticed a few palms seem to be suffering from weak fronts resulting in an exaggerated arch – I suspect this may be due to the application of urea during the last rainy season – will adjust the fertilization mix this round to ensure that this condition is rectified – applied 100 g of Boron to augment, will monitor closely this section.

Renovations: Had late lunch with K today. Told him quite plainly his quotation was off by a whole mile – he kept insisting that it was a fair price. At one point he even suggested that I would do well to agree or else. 

I did not wish to quibble with this pocket gangster. So I steered the conversation away from business in an attempt to soften him up – it seems during the course of lunch, he experienced a change of heart – I suspect he may have been hit my a sudden and unexpected moment of ephipany when his boss phoned him and asked him to pass the phone to me – thereafter K’s manners improved markedly and was most accomodating that he even insisted that I accept a 150% discount.

I told him, he would not be able to make any profit from this deal – nonetheless, he was most insistent that I accept this new offer, which I did. When K departed he was looked relieved.

Highlights: At 2035 hr helicopter was spotted in the Western terraces hovering low – ELL was switched on suggesting the pilot needed to land urgently for some reason. Apparently the on board navigation computer is on the blink – instructed the gardener to turn on the landing lights on the helipad –  emergency flares were also lighted to guide her down safely – I was in field clothing when I received the lone passenger – judging from her brusque manner she ignored my hand when she alighted – she must have thought I am was the help – that’s all I need this evening, another spoilt cheebai mega rich daughter of a plantation tycoon – and to think, I was expecting nothing except a quiet evening with a good book.

The guest quarters were prepared hastily along with dinner to accomodate the fastidious plantation ma’am for the night – the lady of Taku Estate seems quite irritated by this whole hiccup as when I entered the lobby she was shouting at the servants to be careful with her color coordinated LV luggage.

When she turned around and saw me I had already changed into my No.2 bush jacket complete with Ascot.

Thereafter she feel silent and looked utterly embarrassed.

I must have held the stare longer than I should – that was a mistake. As that always seems to send women into a fluttering rush.

I must be careful to avoid misunderstandings. I always seem to get myself entangled with these sort of pyschotic women.

I cannot be distracted by such nonsense any longer. I must focus on my mission, that is the only thing that matters. Everything else is irrelevant.

To do list this week:

– finalize the size of awning for portholes.

– Order plastic sheeting to line drains for the coming monsoon to prevent run off.

– Need to follow up on K, lightning arrestor and specs as to renovation need to be finalized.

– Time for my dental check.

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