Are you tuning in?

August 18, 2013

The older I grow, I find the less I listen to people who prefer only talk about the problems they are comfortable to talk about.

I also seem to find less time (in some cases, no time whatsoever) to listen to people who only seem to like to solve problems that they know only too well are easy to solve – while they conveniently sweep underneath the carpet, the difficult problems that I know, they should should be dedicating themselves to solve earnestly.

I find that as I grow older – I sometimes even take off my shoes and throw them at these hollow people. I do not know whether this is due to the onset of age…or maybe I am just growing wiser.


“Tell me, if you r genuine about prescribing a solution to a problem. Do you deal with the symptoms. Or do you address the root cause of the problem.

Let me put it this way, if I have a brain tumor. How effective would it be for a physician to prescribe Panadol?

It is a very simple question.

Now if you want to solve the housing problem at the root level – then don’t waste everyones time talking about making houses more affordable. Instead look into ways and means to create high quality jobs to empower people with higher purchasing power that keeps up with the helium high cost of living in Singapore. As the root cause, is salaries are simply not keeping up with run away cost of living.

Similarly, If you want to solve the healthcare problem at the root – then again don’t waste time talking about medisave, medishield and complex accounting gymnastics where left pocket goes to right etc etc. Instead look into ways and means to create high quality jobs to empower people,e with higher purchasing power that keeps up with the escalating cost of healthcare.

By the same token, if you want to give every child the best start in life – once again don’t waste people’s time and talk about what a stellar job you are doing in education – instead focus on more inventive ways and means to create high quality jobs so that parents can afford to send their kiddies for enrichment and tuition classes. If you want to solve the problems relating to transportation ditto – the same goes for most problems.

Now ask yourself – what can we draw from all this? The answer is, there is really ONLY one issue that SHOULD be discussed. The problem is that it will NOT be discussed. As it is a very difficult problem to resolve – that at least is my considered opinion – and I have every right to use my brain, unless of course you can prove to me that thinking is somehow constitutes a crime.

And if a “leader” doesn’t even want to recognize, talk and dedicate his team to prescribe a solution to that ONE problem that all other issues converge on – the one issue that everyone expects him to talk about – and insteads only goes about prescribing duct tape, superglue and cable tie interim solutions to what I consider to be a whole dissertata of problems – then who the fuck is going to bother tuning in, except maybe the nation destroying press, Breakfast Network et al – who the fuck else is going to tune in and waste a precious Sunday evening listening to someone who is just out on an ego trip?

I think it is important to respect people’s intelligence, respect their time and above all respect their pressing and urgent needs – talk only about what is really pressing and urgent and not what you are most comfortable to talk about – if you are not prepared to take difficult problems by the horns, then don’t be a leader, that is how I see it – if you choose to lead, then you need to dedicate yourself to what is most urgent and pressing – you will soon find that most reasonable people will tune in and prick up their ears.

Life is very simple. Don’t make it more complicated than it already is.”

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