Log 29-8-13 / Hungry Ghost Month (鬼月) in my Kampung

August 29, 2013

I am not going to spoil it by talking too much. And just allow the pics to do most of the talking.

These are just a few of photos I took some time back ago during 鬼月in my kampung – if you want prints. 

Just write a comment with a postal address, but be considerate lah ONLY one fucking copy per person lah, as I am paying for it – delivered free to Singapore ONLY (you have to be a citizen or PR) – my ONLY condition, please consider giving back something to Autistic kids in Singapore, could be time in Pathlight School or $, which ever suits you – I am going to work on a honor code and trust you all on this.

So please don’t abuse the trust. Otherwise I am just going to kill everyone and never trust the world again and be a really evil and cynical man and bring hell and mayhem to people and planet (just kidding! Everyone expects me to talk like this, so I just tot, I’ll do it.)

Just add a comment with a postal address. And do give me some time (usually it has to rot a while in my in tray). I don’t usually publish comments, so you are safe.If any of these pics move you (which I doubt, unless it’s to yawn), do write a sentence or two or even better a poem that captures the moment…in your own words. It’s up to you.










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