Log 31-8-13 PLSE

August 31, 2013

If you are so unimaginative, dumb and bovine to allow someone who knows absolutely nothing about your child to measure and ascribe a sense of ‘worth’ to him – and so lazy as not to bother to read broadly to even buy into the whole mumbo jumbo that this stranger has some higher knowledge to see into the distant future to set the destiny for your child.

Then you deserve all the stress along with getting rail roaded. You deserve your lot. As all you’re doing is relegating the role of a parent and mentor to someone who doesn’t have the slightest idea what your child’s true potential may be – and if you are silly enough to buy into such nonsense – then whose fault might it be? If you child ends up being what this stranger says he ought to be.

Who is to blame? 

Perhaps a better idea would be to slam the door on this strangers face and while you are at it – grab his super duper ruler from him and break it in half and tell him to take his con job with him.

That way, at least – you will come to the finality of the realization whoever your child becomes tomorrow will ultimately depend only on you and no one else – I for one, do not believe that is such a bad thing.

At least that way you learn the true meaning of responsibility and leadership beyond the dictionary meaning.

“Look very carefully. There are two method of planting here. The first is what most people do as that is what it tells you to do in farming books – it looks clean like a hospital and requires alot of chemical fertilizer and herbicides. The other is left to grow like a jungle. It’s a right mess.

But after one full year of experimenting with these two plots of land – you will be surprised if I told you which is one delivers the highest yield and kinder to the planet.

I have a feeling it doesn’t pay to just follow just because you see everyone doing the same thing….not at all. After who really stands to benefit from this great diffusion of energy. Nope, I much prefer to go my own way.”

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