Log 4-9-13 / Car on caught fire again!

September 4, 2013

Even the strongest and mightiest have weaknesses. Superman turns to jelly before Kryptonite, the Green Lantern’s power is useless against anything yellow, Spiderman’s weakness is himself – as he is always thinking of being someone else, except spiderman – not to mention, he always runs out of spider web juice.

As for me, I reckon it’s definitely fire – since every car I have driven ends up bursting into flames.

I can fully understand, if it happens when I am tearing up one of my ultra rich girlfrens supercars back home in Singapore. As I have a tendency to rip the box (I only play with the gear box, my xbox. Never theirs) till it smokes (as it is not unusual for me to split their rides in two when I am driving in Singapore – as captured by an onboard security cam)


 But for spontaneous combustion to suddenly occur in a super duper boring Toyota Hilux on a sedentry 60 mph plantation road is the most ridiculous event that has ever transpired in my averagely uneventful life….impossible…or maybe it’s a sign…a warning…..I have to be mindful of my weakness…FIRE. Yes, FIRE is my nemesis – why can’t cars just be simple like my friends, the trees and birds…..why do they have to scare me all the time, just when I believe, this is the one….only for them to turn unexpectedly on me. Tell me why?….Why?….Why lah?

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