Log: 6-9-13 / Searching for a Singaporean ponding solution in virtual gaming worlds

September 6, 2013

“In the mineral rich planet of Sardonyx @ 093899 -28921 Vector in the A 2309. Located at the outermost tip of the South Eastern reaches lies the prosperous space port known as Primus Maritima III at the Southern most tip of the peninsula – three times in one calendar year, when the winds from the Carpathian Steepes blows from the Ismuth of Kadlav heavy rains descend on Primus Maritima III.

In virtually every case, the rains are so heavy and frequent, they stress the extensiv network of drainage, canals and reservoirs leading to flooding. From the year of 93021 in the reign of Padishah IX to the 15023 at the advent of the new purple Republic  – damage from flooding was estimated to be in the region of 144 Trillion Imperial Shekelians. Widening drains, culverts, canals and reservoirs did not seem to bear out any significant improvements.

In the Age of Reason when the Brotherhood and their allies invaded the city – their engineers and Associated Mineral Guilds (AMG) conducted a sonic interluttion survey using Mindscape to attempt to resolve this intractable problem – the proposal was radical departure from established hydrological studies – as it did not propose either widening or deepening storm rains and reservoirs – instead the AMG recommended that each township in Primus Maritima III had to renovate their underground car basements to serve as reservoirs during the rainy season. The result was the Town Centralized Basement Directive / Order No: 0252-1AB, which specified that all underground carparks exceeding the floor area of 80,000 square foot and with a height of 14 feet would have to built to contain water during the rainy season, which would be pumped out after the rains – in this manner the AMG was able to augment the flooding problem without having to further expand resources on costly widening of storm drains, culverts, reservoirs. 

The general plan for each precinct to hold rain water and not stress the drainage network to the seams – in the year 17028 / a city wide program was rolled out which during the first phase of implementation of was able to contain an estimated 4,500 km3 (650 cu mi) which was progressively drained after each rain – this measure proved effective in alleviating the flood problem in Prima Maritima….”

Extracted from Page 9,034 of the Book of Ages. 


Underground basement with D-34 Hydraulic Cavity doors at enabled mode / Turbinia Pumps on Sec – courtesy of the Prima Maritima Town Planning Institute.


“To solve extrordinary problems in the real world. It is frequently necessary to use extraordinary methods.

I have alot of sympathy for Vivian Balakrishnan – as I happen to be a farmer and I for one can testify weather is something that has changed dramatically in the last five years. I know this for a fact as a large component of whether I am able to get a good return on my investment depends on my ability to predict the weather accurately. Those of you who are perceptive will realize that I use the term ‘I,’ and not the weather bureau – as that is how uncertain it is these days – as even the best efforts at weather forecasting can be fraught with hits and misses.

So what do we do?

I for one do not necessarily believe we should go about widening drains, culverts and reservoirs just because a highway was flooded. To me that sort of knee jerk reaction makes no sense in statecraft – if you want to run a kitchen with that logic, that is OK. But transplant it to running a country and it can be devastating –  as firstly that approach elides the whole cost against opportunity cost calculation – that is to say, if my house only gets flooded once in ten years – then how wise would it be to augment the problem with super duper expensive flood gates? In such a case, I rather put up with the occasional grief and spend the same money on problems I face everyday. That is what wise people do.

I happen to believe we need to frame this entire flooding problem in the right threat scale and perspective. Rather than to allow a few images in the internet to set our mind amok. That means the question at hand is not, do you want Singapore to be 100% flood free? As if you pour enough money into that problem (any problem) – I am sure it can be solved along with making elephants fly and turning Yawning Bread into a real brotherhood man. Rather the correct way to frame the problem is how cost effective would it be to make Singapore flood free? So the way you frame the problem is key here – as this will allow you to generate intelligent solutions.

For me whenever I face extraordinary problems, it is not uncommon for me to turn to the virtual for inspiration. Because everything in this world along with our seemingly intractable flooding problem in Singapore along with the entire compedium of Newtonian physics and whether you can blow bubbles with your tongue can be simulated with remarkable ease and accuracy in the virtual – you need to understand, I was a very successful farmer in the virtual BEFORE I became successful as a farmer in the real world. I even came first in the virtual farming olympics and won a tractor in Slovenia, 

What I am trying to say is with virtual reality we can reduce every aspect of Singapore into a 3D computer model and hit it with a 100 ml rain storm with a calibrated period of time and see how everything behaves – we can do it again and again and again under different parametric conditions to sharpen our strategy – so that when we past from the realm of theory to reality, its a one to one match.

We may even be able to leverage on the combined expertise from 52 countries to solve this seemingly intractable problem very much in the way, we solve so many of our infrastructural problems that we regularly encounter in our 360 colonies, 800 protectorates and 1,500 dominions. You name it, we have it, and I do not believe ordinary people understand how demanding virtual citizens can be – everything from pandemics to terrorism. Our minister of environment even has to deal with meteor showers! And electrical storms from the sun! The minister of home and colonial affairs has to deal with all sorts of internal and external threats like alien invasion and intergalactical trophy hunters.

But why can’t all this be brought to bear on this seemingly intractable problem – well you have to go and ask Mini Lee whether he thought about this, when his motley crew decided to just legislate the world’s most repressive internet laws. Go and ask him!

The moral of the story is when you behave like a spoilt brat – no one will play with you. Now you know why I feel very sorry for Vivian. As he always seems get really mission impossible portfolio’s and now that he has to find a solution to this intractable problem – it seems, he is not going to succeed again – as when you look at the human material he has to regularly work with – all I can say is if you give Michaelangelo only clay to work with, then all he will ever produce is really nice flower pots. It’s not realistic to expect a David. To make that sort of mental leap – one has to leverage on the raw power of intellectual capital and to me that sort of raw innovative and creative power only resides in the virtual community.

Like I said in the very beginning to solve extraordinary problems, you need extraordinary solutions. And the world is very very brutal and cruel – if you don’t have it, you have to just live with the problem. That I am afraid is how it will be from now onwards. Either that or maybe you can all tell me why?” 

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