Log 8-9-13 “Can you all please help to end the haze for the sake of Singapore?”

September 8, 2013

I received a mail to this effect in the virtual early this morning – it was from a group of gamers based in Hougang known as the Team Yo-Yo. I replied, nothing would give us the keenest pleasure – as I believe very strongly it is the elemental right of every human to enjoy clean air in Singaopore.

However to get a handle on this perennial problem that originates in Indonesia, we would probably have to leverage on the knowledge base of netizens from 52 nations and possibly more – and given that the Singapore govt has recently legislated the most repressive Internet censorship laws in the world without even bothering to debate it in Parliament. It is with great regret that we cannot participate in any capacity whatsoever.

Our reasons are very simple. We do not want to be associated with people who use fear to solve problems. As we believe very strongly civilized governments should always work to resolve their differences in the spirit that respects the rights, dignity and self determination of stakeholders. It is therefore very bad for business, if we are in any way seen to be aligned with folk who do not subscribe to such values.


“As a businessman, the worst possible fate that can befall you is when people don’t feel comfortable to be associated with you – that’s really just another way of saying, they believe that they are have absolutely nothing in common with you.

Or maybe they feel their values differ so much from yours that they believe, it’s an irreconcilable difference that can never be bridged.

Then again maybe they just consider you a liability of sorts, someone who if they mix with will just provoke so many negative reactions that you will probably have to spend all your time explaining why you’re associating with him.

When you get that sort of rift, divide, dissonance, distance forming – its nearly impossible to work towards common ground.

All you have is two very suspicious groups eyeballing each other across a desolate no man’s land.

It’s a really impossible situation. As when there is no trust and only suspicion, it’s not so different from a man who keeps having to look at the rear mirror when he drives – its really only a matter of time before he drives over a cliff.”

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