Log 14-9-13 / every businessman should learn how to leverage on girl power to succeed

September 14, 2013

Understand this gentlemen! They will NEVER teach you this in Harvard Business School. Never!

The short cut to success that is.

I will speak plainly – if you’re really serious about succeeding as a businessman – you better set aside your prejudice for women and if possible cultivate the skills how to make them like you.

You see to me, it’s simple economics – women have alot of say in how business is conducted these days. Especially beautiful women. As when they married an eighty year old oil palm tycoon – they were probably in their early twenties. And since all of these spell binding beautiful women inherited vast estates when their husbands kicked the bucket – today they are the indisputable kingmakers in the plantation world. So the adage, it’s a man’s world misleads.

Another reason why it makes perfect sense to leverage on girl power is simply because in a woman’s world – it is possible for water to defy gravity and flow uphill –  for instance, women can favor a man for wholly trivial and non economic reasons. A man however will only favor another man, if you’re in the same league as him or can supply something that he needs. My point is men tend to be strategic and transactional. While women are driven by their hormones and the different phases of the moon – a woman can even decide to back you right up to the hilt for really stupid reasons like, she just likes your voice or the way you walk and compliment her hair etc etc etc.

That simply means as a business man your return on your energy is significant higher when directed to a woman when compared to a man – you dont even need to be rational or prepare a business case or for that matter go through the hassle of hatching ten bullet points why she should stick her neck out for you. She just needs to like you – that’s the only KPI you need to fulfill. Conversely for a man you have to literally turn lead to gold, crack your brain till steam comes out of your ears along with jump through endless hoops just to get that sort of gearing – and most of the time, it’s as efficient as throwing out canon balls to propel a boat forward – with a woman all you have to do is carry her shopping when she goes to the mall or wait for her while she fixes her hair and that’s really enough to convince her that you’re a decent bloke whose worth backing.

That’s one reason why if you want a grief free pasage to success in the business world – you better learn to be comfortable with ultra rich and beautiful women. You will find that a woman is much more dependable than a man in the long run – as since they are all emotional and irrational beings, they can even be relied on to fix anyone who tries to kill you in the business world EVEN if you happen to be in the wrong – they will stand by you through thick and thin.

CAVEAT: Just make sure you don’t mislead her and keep your dick superglued to your underwear. otherwise you will wish you never ever went into business. As nothing in this world is as dangerous as a angry and powerful woman – she can do anything including commit murder. I kid you not!


“When I first turned the wheel of life as farmer – my enemies would often spread vile rumors to undermine my good standing. They did this to make life unbearable for me so that I would throw in the towel and leave. It hardly requires any elaboration – tell a lie again and again. And some point it will just morph into a verson of the truth.

As a consequence many people became convinced that the Devil lived on the hill – so entrenched was this suggestion that I was not of this world and belonged to that other world – that it was no uncommon for people to run away from me whenever they saw me. Blame me if their cow keeled over and died. And to even shun me quite openly.

Even after I had destroyed my enemies and established myself as a landowner – this rumor persisted.

One day out of the blue –  I received an anonymous invitation from a secret admirer for a tea luncheon in a very large estate. I remembered going to second hand shop that specialized in selling the possession of dead people and bought a bush jacket for $9.99 – the owner suggested that if I bought another. He would even consider throwing in a pair of leather shoes – they were heavy shoes the variety that gentlemen planters would wear in plantations – the sort that are so indestructible, if you didn’t have a hammer around the house and needed to bang in a couple of nails. I am sure it would probably get the job done with admirable ease.  

To cut a long story short – eventually after much self convincing or hypnosis that networking would be mother’s milk along with endless vacilitation and coming to terms with my tattered self esteem – I managed to amble my way to this party. 

As soon as I entered the hall, I could tell from the expression of everyone that they were very surprised to see me. Especially my enemies. As this was the first time that they had seen me inside their inner social circle.

Naturally, they made sure that no one spoke to me. They even made is clear I wasn’t welcomed. But I am not the sort who ever makes it easy for other people to make my life miserable.

Even then, a man can only take so much beating without going down for the count – and somewhere after by third or fourth bourbon – I started questioning, “what am I trying to prove?” That was when I found myself wandering around this large plantation mansion all by myself while the rest of the guest were in the lawn – in the library, I discovered a handsome violin on the sill – till this day, I don’t know what possessed me to suddenly pick up this instrument and just play it – I played a miniature by Debussy and while it lasted all my worldly problems melted away like lemon drops.

When I finished my heart was completely at peace. That was when I heard a woman’s gentle voice,

“You are not the monster they say you are.”

I turned around and looked at her and smiled. It was my secret admirer and suddenly I knew everything would be fine from now onwards. I just knew. You see I have been fighting for so long like an animal that I didn’t know how empty I had been till I was filled…and I so needed to hear those kind words – it was as if a flower unfurled somewhere in the sparse desolation of my heart and suffused the whole world suddenly with color – I will never forget that one act of kindness. Never.

I think the moral of the story is, you don’t need the whole world to believe in you – you don’t even need your sweetheart, wife, family or anyone who is supposed to love and care for you to believe in you either. Because some times that how life is – they just don’t believe in what you’re doing. And you can’t blame them – as they think the whole world is like Singapore, so they probably don’t even know what you’re going through.

I realize they are supposed to encourage and nourish you and all that, but sometimes, they’re so caught up with their own daily problems that they just don’t have the time to care. My point is whether they believe in you is really optional.

As to make a real difference, all you really need is one person to believe in you…even a perfect stranger is good to go…and that’s really enough to make all the difference in this world.”

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