Log 20-9-13 The Importance of cultivating good friends

September 18, 2013

If you regularly keep the company of wishy washy people – then as time goes by, you will also end up as a wishy washy person and probably end up going nowhere.

But if you take just a bit of trouble and choose your friends carefully – then you find as time goes by people will begin to take you very seriously and even entrust you to do very big things and you will rise.

As good friends will always teach you how to live, work, play and even die in the correct way. Bad friends on the other hand will just waste your time and lead you to live a life of dissipation.


“When I first turned the wheel of life as a farmer. I faced many difficulties. In my first year, I was harassed, cheated and even regarded by many as an inconsequential person. My life was very difficult and no one was remotely interested in what to I had to say or was doing.

One day I started to raise my head and look beyond my tiny veggie patch – I began to notice there were some men who never seem to face the same difficulties as me. They were seldom harassed, no one stole or even tried to cheat them and everyone seem to regard them highly enough to prick up their ears whenever they spoke.

I began to wonder why? That was when I decided to find out more about these men – I noticed they were all very simple men. Some of them may not have had much education, but they were nonetheless men who one would well to have in their good books. As these were very serious men.

So I began to spend time with these men. I would go to the kopitiam at day break and take my seat to the East. As this is where all things begin. When these men spoke I would be expected to keep silent and just pour tea for all of them – I did not speak much as my Hokkien was not very cheem, so I only listened most of the time and from there I slowly learnt about how I should behave to keep the harmony between heaven and earth.

Eventually I dressed, walked, talked and even began to see the world through the eyes of these men – I cannot recall precisely how this process of change came about. I can only tell you that one day it occurred to me that I was no longer sitting on the chair that faced east, pouring tea or keeping quiet any longer.

I remember that day very clearly. As the proprietor of the kopitiam had recently hung a large mirror on the wall next to the table where I usually sit with my friends for breakfast – that was when I noticed him. I did not recognize this stranger at first. Perhaps it was his sunglasses that he always seem to wear and hardly took off. Or maybe it was the brusque manner in which he carried himself in his bush jacket or just the quiet and calm manner in which he looked on impassively at the world as it unfurled that morning – it’s very hard to say.

Who was this man I wondered to myself? That was when a younger man wearing a baseball cap who sat on the chair facing east clink my cup with the spout of the teapot as he refilled my cup – this must have awakened me from my reverie and I realized there and then, those men have all passed on and only this hard man is left.

I often wonder to myself during these moments of deep reflection how fleeting life is and how time seems to past me by changing everything in one blink of an eye.”

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