Log 2: 23-9-13 Religion and Politics is poison

September 23, 2013

Politicians should never mix politics and religion. As no matter how one combines these two schools of thoughts together, they can only produce poison – it is really only a matter of whether it is slow acting or kill you in seven paces poison. That is all there is to it.

If a politician wants to juggle hand grenades or mix religion with politics. He should seriously consider resigning from public office. Or better still start his own enterprise – then he can do anything he wants including run naked with a bra over his head in the Padang.

Just my two cents.


“If you want to succeed in business – stay away from all discussions concerning religion and politics – as no matter what position you decide to take, even if it happens to be a neutral position, it will always be controversial.

Do not do stupid things either like give closed door speeches in the school of Rajaratnam – as this will only cause many to ask very pointed questions that you cannot answer without incriminating yourself.

My point is at this level of the game – there is very little room for mistakes of this nature –  if you don’t even understand how the game is played at this level, then in my opinion, you have no business whatsoever playing it – you should do yourself and everyone a favor and sit down before you fall flat on your face and make a bloody fool yourself. Or better still go quietly. Disappear. As when a man over steps that line – then you cannot blame the serious men of this world to question his judgement. Neither can you fault them for wondering whether this character can exercise self control and rein in his impulses whatever that might be. Its only natural for these people to raise these questions. After all, they know how the game is played.

Anyways, enough of the serious stuff, this is a nice swing that you should all check out.”

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