Log 23-9-13 Strangers who come bearing moon cakes

September 23, 2013

Moon cakes are usually exchanged between friends this time of the year – but that is not always the case. Especially when these cakes are cut up and different pieces from other cakes are arranged and served in a mish mashed fashion. When moon cakes are served in this perculiar manner – it can really only mean one thing in the language of the old country.

When I saw this. I smiled and turned to these men and reassured each and everyone of them that from now onwards they can count on my full cooperation. I could tell they all looked relieved. As I did a very good job of convincing them. 

I lied…of course. I kow tow to no man! No one tells me what land I can and cannot buy!

I am so happy for this sudden and unexpected turn of events – it can only mean my enemies are hurting, nervous and probably desperate – it also means, I have finally found their weak point. From now onwards I have to keep punching this point again, again and again. If I keep up the pressure then the whole rotten door will probably come crashing down. Either that or a gun man will just appear. That’s fine with me. I’ve come this far, why not go the full distance. That’s the only way to deal with bent people make it so hot for them that they jump right out of the window or do something so incredibly and intractably stupid – like give me moon cakes…


-Quiet Night Thoughts Li Bai (701-762)

1 床前明月光
2 疑是地上霜
3 舉頭望明(山)月
4 低頭思故鄉

Tonite the moon shines bright;
It looks like frost formed during the night. 
I am content to gaze at the mountain moon;
Bowing, I am suddenly seized by a longing for home…it seems so faraway.

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