Why it doesn’t pay at all to be bad to people

October 13, 2013

Last night while driving on a windy kampung road. I came across a car with Singapore plates that must have skidded and crashed into a ditch – when I stopped and asked whether I could offer any assistance. A very relieved chubby man ran towards me and exclaimed, “thank God! Finally, a good Samaritan!”

At that moment a passing car illuminated the features of the happiest chubby man in the whole wide world – that was when I recognized him.

Ten years ago this same man had fabricated a story to undermine and assassinate my character in church. He obviously had no idea who I was.

At that moment, I turned to this chubby man and told him, this is a very dangerous stretch of road. As it is full of thieves and cut throats – only last week a man was stabbed to death and his fiancee was gang raped – his features slowly changed from relief to concern – that was when I took off my sunglasses and asked the chubby man,

“Tell me… do I look familiar to you?”

As the chubby looked on – my features began to harden and very slowly horror began to fill him.

If this sort of coincidences keep happening – I may have to reconsider my militant belief that God does not exist.

If this not the unconditional love of my father – then I do not know what is love. After all what is the probability of this!


“I happen to believe very strongly, one of the greatest lost to polite society is dueling – I happen to believe very strongly, if dueling is legalized, it will go very far in improving virtually every facet of life and as it will serve to remind us all that we all live in a world of consequences – above all the reinstatement of dueling as one way to resolve conflict will in my opinion go very far in improving manners.”

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