It doesn’t pay to be an open book all the time

October 14, 2013

To be successful in work, life and play. I do not believe it pays to be an open book all the time.

Though you may share with the whole wide world your life.

There should always be one secret chapter about you that you hide from the prying eyes of the world.

Understand this! This is vital as it is necessary. Crucial. Jugular. As it is not possible to win decisively without the element of surprise.

All warfare is based on deception.


“People are not comfortable. As they know I have been gobbling up land. They don’t know how much or where – there are of course rumors and plenty of gossip. Some which I have created myself. Others just take to grapevine. But no really knows for sure.

They don’t know how big or small I am. They don’t even know whether it’s the truth or I am just bluffing. It’s this aspect of me that disturbs and unsettles my enemies. I can tell, they’re not sure and that affects their confidence. They’re careful. And that is exactly how I like it – to put them in a state of mind where they don’t really know whether if they should decide to make a bold move against me whether I would just fold up like a travelling circus or take the war right up to their door steps.

It is this fog of uncertainty that gives me the power of invisibility to grow from strength to strength every year.

Recently without warning I stopped supplying the oil mills my fruit bunches for no apparent reason. Since then. They’ve been trying to find out from the rest of the mills where I’ve been selling my fruits – they all say, ‘No, he’s not selling to us….maybe he’s going further?” Another adds, ‘But how far? Besides how is that even possible, it’s impossible to transport fruit bunches across muddy plantation roads during the rainy season! Besides that idiot has tried to do that thrice and he has failed!” Another adds, ‘Maybe he’s managed to do it! Otherwise where and who is he selling his produce too? Maybe he has a secret oil mill deep in the jungle?”

Their minds spin endlessly like windmills – meanwhile my lorries are seen all around. At times I even tell my drivers to park them faraway. This adds to the confusion. As it gives many the impression that I am spreading myself far and wide.

They don’t know what’s happening. But they know something is happening.

There is another possibility. What if I told you that I buried all those palm oil bunches? What if I said that not a single bunch even left the gates of my plantation – that I was even prepared to sacrifice short term profit to create an elaborate deception that would lull many of my enemies to believe that I have both the means to transport and sell my harvest elsewhere besides to those blood suckers.

No I don’t suppose they would ever entertain that remote possibility.

That’s good. As in a few more weeks my contract to supply fruit bunches is coming up for renewal. I reckon when I walk right up to negotiating table this time. All I have to do is cluck my tongue, if they give me a lousy price again. I bet if I do just that, not a single oil baron would ever believe for one moment, this man doesn’t have plenty of options to transport and sell his fruit bunches elsewhere.

After all who in their right frame of mind would go to such lengths to stage an elaborate deception that he’s bigger than what he actually is? What sane farmer would even take the trouble to grow fruit only to bury it! Only a psychopath would do that.

No….I don’t imagine anyone would ever believe there is or can be such a farmer who ever once walked this earth….it’s just too impossible to believe. Impossible.”

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