Rainy Saturday – archery, family who lives in the van and watching the birds high above

October 19, 2013


Feel sorry for the kid who needs to sleep in the van. Should Singapore be a regional center or global city? Who the fuck cares! When you still have cases like this cropping out like a demented Jack in the box from time to time!

Can’t but feel a bit guilty that I have so much land that I can even have a private 100 yard archery range. Or that I can spend the entire day just watching birds fly high above me – have even been playing recently with the idea of building a private golf course.

These are some stories that remind of a very painful past when I used to be a kid – I think it is important that we remember them from time to time and if possible even take the time to reflect on their deeper meaning, instead of quibbling over nonsense like the distinction between regional center and global city that these ivory towered millionaire ministers seem to always like to talk non stop about.

On a separate note – I have developed a new technique for drawing an arrow from the quiver, nocking and presenting – this may seem trivial to most people who may not know much about hunting. But trust me, it’s key.

I had many variations of loading arrows. But after four years of extensive field trials. I finally settled on this configuration. As I found the orthodox method of loading impractical, noisy and unsuitable for low light conditions in the tropical jungle setting.

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