Gintai has been sacked? So you all jump up and down!

October 21, 2013

Be calm. Understand this! People don’t usually get terminated without valid reasons. Even if they do, there are many avenues to seek redress along with resolution.

Besides SMRT is hardly a mom & pop $2 outfit – so if a decision was made to terminate a train driver. I am sure it was premised on a very good reason. In the event, the aggrieved party believes he has a case to challenge the rationale for dismissal – I am sure he can avail himself through legal means.

This is what sane and reasonable people would do when they feel they are unfairly dismissed.

They will pursue the course of maximum and NOT minimum pay out. What they don’t do is splay out their case in the public square pasar malam style.

After all what is the goal? What does he

Besides what kind of logic is it to suggest that just because someone has been working in a company for 18 years – he automatically has a right to job security. Since I last consulted my common sense – every job has a minimum performance criteria.

I wonder could this be the same reason why we don’t regularly put people who hear voices in the cockpit of a commercial jetliner? Or have Christian fundamentalist who regularly break out in tongues whenever they are stressed out as air traffic controllers?

So you all go figure out – how much sense does it make to decide on a matter when all you really have is a mish mash of information?

Perhaps Gintai should not be so coy about the specifics and recount to all of us why SMRT terminated his services despite having served for over 18 years. Instead he prefers to give us a historical account of the Indian railway sub culture along with other nonsense such as loyalty et al.

Gintai should be forthright and honest. After all if you want to hang a man or an organization. We should all have the common decency to listen to both sides of the story.

Unfortunately in this case – all I can see is a very confused man who doesn’t even know how to present his case in a logical and organized fashion.

I am sorry if it stings. But I am a farmer. And I have every right to call a spade a spade. Or shall I say, I don’t have time for stupid people who do stupid things.


“A wise man NEVER decides on a matter solely on the basis of just listening to one side of the story.

If you want to succeed in business, then this is the discipline you need to buy into. If not then prepare yourself to be a charitable organization.

The gold standard is to first hear both sides and if possible interrogate and collaborate the evidence to draw a conclusion. Even then it is at best ONLY an approximation – at worst a stab in the dark. But do this you must – as this is the first protocal of the discipline.

Let me be factual. Fact 1. In this case only one side was recounted. Fact 2. It was done so through the blog medium. Hardly, something that you would even consider a serious parchment (not to me at least considering the nonsense I regularly write online) Fact 3. It is very far from being an objective account. You could even say it is downright personal Fact 4. Coupled to this, it was recounted in such an emotional manner where it even insinuated the termination was done so in bad faith without regard to natural justice. But since no reasons or specifics were supplied, we are none the wiser for it.

So can any of you dummies in this forum please stand up and tell me – on what basis do you expect any reasonable thinking person to go about assembling the raw material to even draw an informed decision from all this?

Perhaps you should all consider this. Who is the bigger fool? The fool who leads? Or the fool who follows the fool?

A better approach would be for the aggrieved party to seek legal redress and resolution on the grounds of unfair dismissal. That is what I would advice him strongly to do – and not to take the matter to the public square online and to stoke up emotions or to attempt to weaponize the Internet – this in my view is foolish as it is dangerous.

My point is simply this. If you want to be taken seriously, you should at least manage your grey matter like a serious man rather than a wishy washy woman who just reads a blog and starts spinning away like a runaway top. The show is over. You can all go back home now!”


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