Who is the Messiah?

October 29, 2013

Last time, I checked, they all said it was that guy who walked on water….you mean its not him!

Then, I have absolutely no idea.

I was with my dog the whole day teaching his how to fetch.

Now the cyber team has a bone – do us proud.

Darkness 2013


“Please just remember not to blame external factors OK. Keep it internal like how you suppress your fart and you will be fine.”

(On the Northern Andulliasian Plains of the Planet D’ni the Arullian Galaxy 700 million parsecs from the Crustacean Asteroid Belt @ 973800 Primus Time – deep space transmission Intercepted by the Mineral Guilds Heavy lift Deep space cruiser KDD Nomura Maru 3)

“Please inform the Brotherhood that I Prof Chandran, the nemesis of Duckness seeks his company for dinner this evening…hahahahahahahahahahahaha.”

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