How to manage psychotic women who believe everyone wants to fuck them

October 30, 2013

As you live more of life. At some point, you will start to realise whether you succeed or fail will not hinge on whether you have successfully managed to upload the seven habits of highly effective people. Rather the key determinant will always remain your ability to manage the seven habits of highly ineffective people intelligently.


(HOW TO NEUTRALIZE A WOMAN WHO BELIEVES EVERY MAN WANTS TO FUCK HER LIKE A MOSSAD SECRET AGENT – Soon to be incorporated in the second edition of my e-bestseller)

“Please understand I mean well. I’ll appreciated it, if you can hold on to that idea throughout this conversation – I mean well and if possible please don’t forget that.

The reason why I feel this is so vital even before we begin this conversation is so that you do not misunderstand me.

As by nature farmers are very direct people. And the last thing I want to do is cause offense. Are you ready? May I begin now?

I have absolutely no intentions to fuck you.

I know you think that that you’re hot and you probably managed to convince one side of brain that every man wants to dive into your panties.

But please believe me, I do not want to fuck you.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I hope you will make the effort to take this feed back constructively. As I am not trying to be rude or offensive, I just feel that if we are going to have a meaningful conversation online then you simply have to know from the very beginning, you are not my type and there is no possible way that I will ever want to fuck you even if you happen to be the last woman on this planet. This is a physical impossibility as sex is something that requires copious quantities of motivation and I really do not see the basis in you for my blood vessels to expand to create the right bodily opportunities where things can even solidify and go towards that general direction – not ever, doesn’t even matter if you happen to be decked out in Victoria Secrets either.

You are just not my type. So please drop the “everyman wants to fuck me here” attitude as all you’re doing is embarrassing yourself in front of thousands of forummers. Now I realize this is something that you don’t normally come across. But to be perfectly frank with you what I have just shared with you is in the mind of every man here – I am neutral. As I understand. However, they are all really quite sick and tired of your attitude and the only reason why they aren’t telling you this full frontal is because they are polite enough to spare you any embarassement.

But I do not have any hang up’s about clearing the air. I hope we are now perfectly clear.

I hope we can now have an intelligent conversation without further distractions. I am really so happy we now understand each other perfectly. Now where was I before you interupted all of us with your frivolous comments? Oh yes, like I said, we need to establish a way whereby we are able to make sense of this OWC business. The way I see it is like this…….”

(Please note: it is often necessary for a leader to set things right. Even if the task is unpleasant. Trust me, there will always be one lah – be it in school, business or in a social setting. And these women in my view can often cause a lot of misunderstanding along with destroy reputations of men who may not be able to sense their siaowness.

My experience informs me, it doesn’t pay to be coy about sex. Not at all. You will get a far better return on your energy – if you just approach the problem head on and go bang, bang and bang! (not the horizontal variety, but the type that you use to solve real threats lah).

The best part is the other side will come to see the error of their psychotic ways and hopefully stop her nonsense and just play ball.

As if this sort of problem is not nipped early in the bud with a wise hand, then it is likely to continue to be a source of irritation, distraction and danger to many in your study, business or social circle.

As a loose canon who is so obsessed with sex is bound to make everyone so uncomfortable, nervous and cagey that no one can let their hair down, relax and be comfortable in their own skin. That’s no bloody good at all.

I will incorporate this in a chapter in my second edition of the e-bestseller, “How to succeed in business like a Mossad secret agent.”

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