Vincent versus Bertha

November 23, 2013

“That Bertha Henson, a reporter so thoroughly cut in the SPH mold as to write articles indistinguishable from a government press release, has carried her unsolicited musings into the blogosphere is forgivable, particularly given Warren Fernandez pipped her at the post for the top job. And her limited SPH-midwifed journalistic ability is also forgivable given her narrow worldview. But that her blog should host an equally – if not more (difficult as that might be to imagine) – uninformed expat to comment on an issue he clearly has no knowledge of or insight into is a new low, even for the Breakfast Network. Shame on you Breakfast Network: this is not journalism, this is polemic. Of a tediously unintelligent kind.”

I second that! Well spotted Vincent. Though I much prefer straight forward propaganda to polite polemic. And yes…..agree absolutely, it is of a tedious unintelligent kind. Most definitely.

Darkness 2013


“Recently, I read somewhere Quick Gun Shanmugam is planning to roll out new laws to straighten the laws on harassment online – I agree completely with him – people who regularly cause hurt to thinking folk should be punished!”

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