November 23, 2013

Hope. Hope that tomorrow will always bring good tidings, serenity and wholesomeness. Hope that we can all live in peace with our fellow men and even hope that if we lack the patience to do so…we will always endeavor to do the right thing.

Hope. To me it is not just a word. A word is something you just use to describe a thing within the boundaries of it’s dictionary meaning…within the prescribed limits of what it will always be and never what it can be. But hope is different from all these other vapid words.

If I had to choose only one word to bring with me to a place where I fear most to thread but have too – hope will be that word.

As to hope is to believe in the idea that – we may get it right this time round and all our sufferings will be worth it – hope is so important.

Yet often it sits there in the shelve….unseen when it’s right before us.


“When tough business men say, we make our own luck.” What they really mean is, “I am hopefull.” But since really macho businessmen have a hang up about their ego – they much prefer the manly verb, “make.” Instead of sissy “hope.”

But believe it or not – that in my opinion is what all successful people can do very well. They do it consistently. They do it even when all others throw in the towel.

They are always hopeful.

That is why hope to me is not just an ordinary word – I reckon it has to be like Ohm or maybe Halleluyah. Possibly even abracadabra.

As the reason why I say hope is not an ordinary word is because when you think real hard about it – hope is something that small man is not supposed to have. Hope is only for the movers and shakers, the guy who got that scholarship and the girl as well. Nope. Hope is rarer than beluga caviar in regatta and land tennis season to the cookie cutter, to the man who thinks and perhaps even knows, it’s the only job he can do.

Nope hope is not for the ordinary man, the cookie cutter or the bottom feeder. We are all supposed to suck it in – so hope is really only the preserve of the elite, like a rare reserve Pinot Noire from the cellars of Chateau Lafitte, the freshest Norwegian smoked salmon, truffles, the texture of silk.

And that is exactly why we must all be hopeful – as when a man discovers that somewhere in his life, the word hope can be fashioned even from really crummy circumstances – then I think he would have matured.

As life will always be cruel. Even if you have nothing. It is cruel. And when you have everything you can ever want with the power of money, then you would realize – you require mega doses of hope – impossible hope, hope that is born from hopelessness – that sort of tungsten carbide hope, the variety that you know will never break.

And why do we all do this, to even hope when there is no reason to hope? When you answer that question – then you will realize the story of hope and how that’s really where you discover courage – you now see how one word can even give birth to another. Only in hope can courage come out.

Today is a day of wisdom.”

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