If Nicol seah is not strong enough, she should go….

November 26, 2013

To win in politics is not easy in Singapore. Not if you happen to be the opposition.


“I have absolutely no illusions whatsoever as to the sort of people who may be required to boot out those cheap pirates, none whatsoever.

That I suspect is the defining difference between me and everyone in this forum.

And I don’t imagine anyone who presupposes that oppositional politics can be easy in Singapore can afford be weak. Do you? How’s that for a reality check? Did the earth shake for all of you?

Do you really all imagine I give a two shits about her life or for that matter what she’s going through – what if I tell you there are already many people in Singapore who are already going through much worse that what she’s been through.

Sorry to smash all your happy illusions – but what I see here is someone who is just wholly inept, ill equipped and has absolutely no inkling what it requires to get the job done. None whatsoever – to put it another way, we are dealing with an amateur. Who has absolutely no business dabbling in politics, let’s just leave the brass tacks of statecraft to one side.

Not at all. As to win these people may have to accept the theoretical possibility that they may be destroyed in the process. That to me is a reliable assumption judging from the historical precedent of oppositional politics in Singapore – that incidentally should not be confused with my opinion. Rather that is a statement of fact.

That is why I strongly believe the motivation to conform, tow the line and march to the beat is so pervasive in Singapore that it’s even conceivable there may not be many who see any mileage in aligning themselves with the opposition – as when you consider the oligarchy that they were going up against, then I don’t think, the task can be taken lightly.

And that simply means the only people who have the fortitude, sagacity and determination who can put a decent innings in oppositional politics in Singapore can only be those who can take a punch, roll with it, suck it all up and get up again….and to get up again for what you may ask?

Well the mini skirt answer is to take another punch…and another…yet another…and to do it over and over again…..with absolutely no prospects that they may even be making progress or furthering their political agenda – when one considers the opposition in the Singaporean context, they really have to be the caliber of the elites. Not the bullshit paper mâché variety that is always marketed by the custodians of power – those sissy for your information will die, suffer a nervous breakdown, if they had to endure one tenth of what an opposition politician usually needs to bear – as I said, I have absolutely no illusions whatsoever as to the type of personality it takes to kick out those cheap pirates.

None whatsoever, so please excuse me if I just say to you all – I really have no time for her sappy cry me a river stories.

I think in life, if one is serious about the enterprise of getting it right the first time – then, it never pays to get a sheep to do a foxes job. All you’re really doing, should you decide to invest in that idea, is setting yourself up for a big let down.

And another thing, ain’t no one going to throw flaming balls on fire on me – don’t be ridiculous, everyone knows that farmer’s have an elemental right to call a spade a spade…yes life is cruel. And the sooner all of you sissified folk get to terms with this awful reality, the better it will be for everyone.”

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