Alex Au set to be the world’s most famous blogger?

November 27, 2013

The custodians of power will certainly win this battle, of that I am absolutely sure. But whether they will win the war is not so certain.

Yes, there is a difference between a battle and war. A battle has a start and end date – they’re short. And in a war there can be many battles. And it’s not unusual for one side to win all the battles and still lose the war.

A war is long…in certain cases so long that it may even seep into the groundwater of the collective consciousness – permeating the attitudes and world view of a whole generation.

Above all while the battle is really about the power of the state against the individual – the war is a much larger construct, but what gives it the agency of power is that it is not waged in the courts between lawyers. Rather it is all happening in a domain that’s very private, in the hearts and minds of netizens.

I have a feeling this is set to go viral…


“No amount of Internet regulation will stop people from speaking their minds. After all, I only live once….so I say and write what I want and it’s really as simple as that. Other people may see it differently –

Will netizens be cowered? Will this latest move send a chill down the digital spine of the Internet? Will the Singapore social political scene be like down town Pyongyang on national day?

I don’t know. I am not Nostradamus, just a simple farmer. But if I had to plumb it – I’ll probably say No! That’s to say none of these moves to muzzle free speech and individualism will have any effect – least of all a plethora of laws designed in my personal opinion as a very efficacious and cost effective way to put a policeman in the mind of every netizens.

You see it is very simple – most people have already undertaken the mental migration to the Internet way of seeing the world – which is contrary to many of the state inspired propaganda that keeps perpetuating the idea blogging is an anti social indolent habit that only afflicts mad people.

When all it really is, is the idea of drilling deeper, peering into darkened interiors, interrogating the system…to me when someone writes and another reads – even on a parchment such as a blog, it cannot be a just a simple thing.

As without the writer or reader realizing it – the moment there is such a relationship, then I think you will always continue to see the world slightly differently from the perfidious faced rah rah brigade.

I don’t think it’s realistic to believe in the idea that it’s possible to hammer our key boards back to the age when life was just like that in Singapore – as a corollary of globalization means that culture, values or what you really want to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon need not even be rooted in the idea of country, its now like the air we breathe…it’s everywhere for the taking.

So what’s the point of trying to cage the mind? I don’t think that idea will work.”

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