Midnight Storm

November 28, 2013

The weather can be very difficult to predict this time of the year – today I spent hours tracing the skies for signs that the weather is changing.

I could tell from a heavy column of clouds moving in the from the east, strong winds were blowing from the South China Sea. I could even taste a hint of mackerel in the air – by nightfall the gulls began to gather at the hill tops and suddenly the wind begin to hollow out – it was a strange sensation like probably pulling the plug in the sink and watching the water spiral all away with a whoosh.

That was how it is – thereafter a tomb like silence that seeps into everything like a thick fog and freezes it like a photograph. I could taste the metallic taste of nitrogen at the back of my tongue. Te air was sharp and felt like needles.

And very slowly it began to fill in again and this time the rains came.

I swear, I could taste mackerel in the rain.

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